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Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Weekend of Softball

Carli played in her second tournament this weekend in Longview and Ava had two games in Whitehouse.  I was pretty stoked when Ava's games got moved back and Ava, Drew and I were able to see her play in one game.  She got a double and a single in her first game!  She is playing right field and takes her job backing up first base very seriously!  We only got to watch the one game.  They played three on Saturday.  During her last game she actually caught a fly ball!  Keith's text was awesome..."Holy crap they just hit a fly ball to Carli and she caught that sucker!"  He was so proud!  :)  Her coach congratulated as she came in the dugout telling her it was a good catch and she shrugged as if it were not big deal and said, "I know!"  :)

My ball playing girls!

Ava played two games on Saturday and Grammy and Pa got to come watch one!  Our little team is really young.  Ava is the oldest and most experienced.  She did an awesome job.  They are one of two teams in the fall league, so we play the same team over and over.  This team also happens to be full of 1st graders and won state last year...so yeah, it's a good thing it's tball.  :)

This weekend Drew started mimicking hitting the ball off make-shift tees.  It entertained him through the whole game and he was so proud of himself!  :)

Carli played one game on Sunday at 8 am.  She and I left our house at 6!  She did really well getting up and we sang and talked all the way to Longview.  We played the team that eventually placed 2nd in the tournament and held with them til the last inning.  I was pretty proud of them all!

Carli's teacher, Mrs. Shofner was at the same tournament watching her daughter play.  Carli was excited to see her and Mrs. Shofner is a sweet lady.  She talked to Carli for a good 5 minutes.

Carli let me stay and watch another game before we headed back home.  I mean, I got up at 5 I had to at least watch two ball games!  It was a good game too!

In exchange for staying a bit to watch a game, we played on the playground for half an hour before heading home.  It was the epitome of why I want Carli to play ball.  A good excuse for one on one time with my girl.  :)

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