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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Wkd 2016

In case we weren't already aware, it was a holiday weekend last weekend.  How do we know this you ask?  Not because it's on the calendar, or because we had plans to be out of town.  Nope.  It's because we had a kid get sick on a Friday night and required a trip to the doc.  Drew had a raging double ear infection and Keith and I just reinforced our knowledge of parenting...where plans were meant to be broken!

Thankfully, Grammy and Pa were just as flexible as we are and the girls rode with them up to Lewisville so they wouldn't miss much of our family get together.  We got Drew in at urgent care and followed a bit later.  We got to enjoy Uncle Danny's new condo.  It was great to see everyone and spend time together!  The kids got to swim and we all got to visit and catch up!
Look at the years difference in our Labor Day Pictures!

After visiting late, we headed out to go to our hotel, which had an issue on the floor we were suppose to be on so they sent us across Dallas to the airport.  It turned into a late night but we got put up at the Grand Hyatt at DFW which is a super nice hotel.  The girls enjoyed watching the planes and thankfully everyone slept really good!

Sunday morning we actually met up with an old college friend who let us borrow her stroller for Drew b/c I forgot ours, then we were off to church.  Drew was in quite the mood.  We sit on the back pew and he entertained himself practicing walking around the pew and visiting with the ppl on the back wall.  He even took time to rest in between his practice walks around the pew!
Turns out Pa and Daddy worked all day Saturday with Drew on walking.  So after Drew started getting a bit too curious about visiting folks during church Keith took him out to the foyer where he took his first official steps by himself with confidence!
After lunch with Uncle Danny, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Johnny, Billy and Jake, we went back to the hotel to get into comfy clothes and for Drew to take a bit of a nap...b/c he worked hard all morning!
After resting, it was time to go off to the American Girl Doll Store.  The girls were stoked!
I was overwhelmed with all the doll stuff but the girls were in heaven!  They found the displays for their dolls.
They ohhed and awed about all the stuff.  Then Keith told them they had $50 to spend how they wanted.  Carli decided Rebecca needed a trip to the salon.  So we went upstairs and got her an appointment.
Since Rebecca's hair apt was going to take a bit, we decided to go back into the mall and treat ourselves to some ice cream. 

After ice cream, we went back to pick up Rebecca and make our final purchases!
That's a good daddy right there, carrying all those doll accessories and making two little girls day!
One last picture in front of the store, Drew was thrilled!
We had just enough time to go by and visit our good friend Micheal and his family.  It had been quite some time since we had gotten to see them all and it was fun to catch up!
To say Drew was worn out by this point would be an understatement!

We met up with Uncle Danny for dinner at BJ's before we called it a very full day and headed back to the hotel.  We promised the girls they could swim before we left.  So Monday morning we went up to the rooftop pool and they swam/froze but were happy!  Ha!

After we were all sufficiently frozen, we got back to the hotel room to pack and get ready to head home...and then Ava's tummy started hurting and we finished our weekend with a BANG!!!

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