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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To Aunty Ashley

**This is written to my dear friend Ashley, from Carli. Ashley is in Hawaii - but really is one of the sole reasons why I met Keith (besides God's wonderful sense of humor). She is a wonderful, sincere person - and we just wanted to make sure she knew how much Carli (and Carli's momma and daddy) appreciated everything she has done for us.**

Dear Aunty Ashley -

I know I have not met you yet, but I am looking forward to that day. My momma has told me all about you and what a good person you are. She told me that if weren't for you, my momma and daddy would have never met and I would not be - so I guess I owe it all to you! :)

I do not know what Hawaii is - or why it takes so long for you to come see me. But the way I figure it, it is okay if I'm 6 or 9 months old when you come b/c then I will be able to play with you and smile and laugh - rather than give you some blow out diapers to change or perhaps a good spit up on a really nice shirt (although I am not promising I won't do that to you when I am older, but the odds are better!).

I've heard lots of different voices through my momma's belly - and they all talk about my nursery and how it is coming a long. I'm not sure what a nursery is - but I think it is for me. And this week especially, I've heard lots of "WOWS!" and "THAT'S SO COOL!" from some random voices saying that the letters really will help make my nursery. No idea what that means, but Momma says those letters came from you and they are absolutely amazing - so I think I will like these letters - whatever they are!

Have I told you about my daddy? I think he is a pretty awesome guy. Sometimes I kick my momma really hard and make her belly do "the wave." Sometimes I am just trying to get comfortable, but mostly I think it is fun! But my daddy, he can calm me down. I know it is his hand on her tummy talking to me - I love my daddy so I will lay still for him! Momma says you've made a sign for my daddy - and I think you are right. My prince has come - and he is my daddy! Thanks for helping me to tell my daddy that!

Momma promises they will send you a picture of me as soon as I decide I'm ready to come check out all these voices and places I've been hearing about for so long. She says we will talk to you on the phone and send you letters and fun stuff like that. Whatever Hawaii is, I hope you get to tell it to let you come see me soon! Thanks Aunty Ashley for getting my momma and daddy together and being their friend. Thanks for helping my poor overwhelmed momma with the cute baby stuff every good, deserving baby needs. I can't wait to meet you!!

Love -

Carli Lynn


Allison Connor said...

This is so sweet!! Would you mind asking Ash to add me to her blog so I can see what she is up to. My email is davidandallison at gmail dot com. Thanks!!

Ashley said...

OMG...I'm crying!!! First of all...why the picture?! You knew it would get to me. That was so sweet! Carli, I wish I was closer to you...so I could be your nanny! If you're parents would have spilled the beans when I was deciding where to go I would be right next door! Hope you can come to Hawaii to see me and be my flower girl!!! Love you guys!