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Monday, September 1, 2008

37 Weeks & Letters

Alright, here is our weekly update:

We start going to the doctor every week starting on Wednesday. Kind of scary to think Carli could be here in 20 days! This wkd we worked on the hutch - it is all built and we just need to paint and sand it. I also got all of Carli's clothes washed and organized. I can't find pulls, drawer knobs I like - so I'll post a picture of a couple of options and see if you all can help us out on that later tonite or this week!

In the meantime, so many of you wanted to see how the letters turned out that Ashley decorated for us, that I posted some pics on here. I wanted to wait until we had the whole nursery finished, but decided that wasn't very fair. We are getting our "Storytime Rocker" next week and once we have it, we can figure out where to position the furniture and all that fun stuff!

I actually mowed the yard yesterday! Ha! It was fun - it took me probably twice as long as it would have Keith, but I was so tired of being in the house I sweet talked him into letting me mow while he weedeated. I miss taking care of the yard! At least I have given up weedeating, since that tends to make me really sore now a days. But I got up this morning and was not sore at all and I slept really good last night!
Week 37
Ashley's letter cracked Keith up!
This picture does not do the letters justice, but so many wanted to see a picture and I can't hang them on the wall yet...so really - a better picture is coming in about a week!
We haven't gotten this yet, it is on its way - it turned out really cute!

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1 comment:

Beccalynn81 said...

I know what you mean about being stuck in the house. Even now, I beg Brandon to let me mow to get out and help. I don't get to help in the yard as much anymore with the babies to watch. The backyard isn't as hard, but Lillian loves running out into the road in the front, so it makes things more difficult. Won't be long now! Hope you are resting and feeling well.