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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Doctors Visit...

Well, our second to last doctor's visit is behind us now. We're doing our best to stay positive at this point, but the stress is beginning to set in. My stomach hurts constantly, I feel fat, and I'm completely exhausted. And if you think that's bad...you should ask Resa how she feels!

She is actually doing really well, I'm very proud of who she is and how she continues to handle this. She is undoubtedly my hero and is going to be an amazing mom, should this baby ever decide to come out!

So on to the visit...she measured normal, but is still not dilated or anything, which is incredibly depressing. They did a sonogram to check the fluid around the baby, which was fine, no problems. Then, they hooked her up to a fetal monitor to measure the heartbeat and any contractions. This didn't go like he'd hoped, but that's OK. They wanted the heartbeat to spike about 15 beats after she moves, similar to our hear rate rising during exercise. Carli's only rose about 10, and not real consistently, she mostly stayed fairly flat. So the nurse poked her and shook her and stuck some vibrating contraption on her to try to make her mad, but it didn't work. So we all agreed that she's an easy-going baby.

Then, since that didn't work out as planned, he did another sonogram to check for movement. He wanted to see her flex her arm or open her hand, something that effect. So she kind of waved with her hand, then stuck her tongue out! He also checked her breathing movements, which is practice breathing I guess, and that looked good. So all in all, he determined that everything is fine, he didn't see anything worrisome. Over two hours, and we learned nothing!

So we'll go back on Tuesday morning to check again. If she still hasn't progressed, we're looking at a c-section on Wednesday. But if she has progressed, which we are praying happens, then we will begin inducement Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Regardless, the baby is coming out next Wednesday!

And on another sad note...there are very few choices for baby girl Dallas Cowboy gear, at least for 0-3 months. Very frustrating. But next year, she will be sporting a Tony Romo jersey on Sundays!

Please pray for dilation!!


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ginny said...

shocking that keith hays would have a laid-back baby!

no new words of encouragement other than she'll be here soon and it will be SO worth it!!

Ashley said...

good thing you're not naming her Jessica ;)

Beccalynn81 said...

Good luck! Hope you progress in the next few days!

Jennifer said...

Came across your site from another blog....keeping you and your family in thoughts & prayers as you welcome your new little one.