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Sunday, September 28, 2008

41 Weeks

Who would have thought I'd be posting my 41 week pregnancy picture on the blog today and not one of a one week old precious baby girl?! :) This weekend has been good. Keith and I enjoyed sleeping in one last time and doing our "list" of to-dos. We know for sure our lives are about to dramatically change come Wednesday - there is no doubt - Carli will be here by then.

Until then - here we are at 41 Weeks.

And as Keith has mentioned before - our precious dogs have each prepared for Carli's arrival in their own ways. Most recently, Shea has come up with a bum foot. At first we thought she was putting us on, limping when she wanted attention and what not. But after taking her with us on our nightly walk Friday, we discovered the pad of her foot was quite raw and swollen to twice it's size. So we have been trying to keep her from licking it, while keeping meds on it during the day. At night, we take the bandage off so it can air out but we do tape a cute little pink baby sock on it to keep her from licking it. Really - this picture makes her look pitiful, but she walks better in her bandage than she does when there is nothing on it. Strange little dog.

And Whitey Tighty simply cracks me up. He's like a cat that needs a window box or something. He spends all day here watching over the backyard or catching a 3 hr nap. I think he is a cat trapped in a dogs body...

Check back on Tuesday - our appt is at 10 and we will know then if we will be going into the hospital to be induced that night or if we will be having a C-section on Wednesday...

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Family said...

I know it has been a long wait. We are praying that all goes well this week. We love all three of you so much!

Aunt SuAnne

Beccalynn81 said...

Looking forward to finding out! I'll be checking! Maybe you'll go into labor before then!

kim said...

i finally read your whole blog, amazing, it's wonderful. have mom and dad call us asap, i know your ready for her to be in your arms, we love you, glen and kim