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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Doc Report & Voting

Well, today was a day of doctor's visits. After today - I much prefer my chiropractor to my OB...but that's not really the OB's fault. So, he estimated her weight at appx 7 lbs...and quickly told me that was not accurate, but his best guess. I was not dilated at all - and he quickly followed that up with, new moms can be at a 0 and the next day give birth...so really, he didn't know. But still, as Keith put it, I am quickly latching on to the worst case scenario of: This child could potentially stay in my tummy for up to 4 more weeks! This child could possible weigh over 9 lbs! And this child's mother is not liking the sound of any of those possibilities!

Oh well, if it takes 4 more weeks I will survive. I'm not sure about Keith though - I may drive him crazy in 4 weeks.

Oh, and my chiropractor - he is my favorite b/c he popped my back today and it was like he released all this pent up tension. Best feeling ever - especially after having just come from the OB's.

On to more "concrete" matters...things I have control over. Keith has built a hutch to go on top of a dresser we already had. We are using the dresser as a changing table and simply repainted it. The question now: Hardware. So, I need some input. Look at the following pictures and tell me what you all think in the poll to the right. I need to know which hardware color would look the best:

This is the knob that I like and plan to use; however, these are only on the middle drawers - for the top and bottom drawers I need an actual 4 inch pull. I can't find one - so I plan on painting the ones that were on there...so keep this knob in mind when picking your color choice for the other.

Visualize: these are the two colors you are choosing from: Lilac/Purple and Sagey Green. The dresser itself is white.

Close up of the pulls. I forgot to "prime" the one on the left - but basically, your choices are to either paint these pulls lilac or sagey green - the knobs I like will be in that drawer above these pulls.

Cast your vote! Don't be shy! Leave a comment and tell me why! Woohoo that rhymed! But really, if you think there is a better solution let me know. I tried doing some magic on Photoshop to see what the colors would look like and posting them on here - but apparently I'm not patient enough...I'm running out of what little creativity I have left...

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Ashley said...

I'm supposed to be working so here's my opinion...I think it would be cute to have lilac to go with the flowers. I think instead of having the middle of the flower yellow, I would paint it green so it goes with everything else...yellow kinds throws things off! Can't wait to see it completed!

Beccalynn81 said...

I vote for green. I think it would pull that color out since it isn't in the flowers and you have it in the letters on the wall and probably other places in the room. It would tie it together.

Allison Connor said...

I vote green...I think the contrast would be nice...not to matchy matchy