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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

There is a Reason Behind It...

I've gotten some questions as to why I insist on doing this Tuesday Tribute thing. After all this blog was started for the purpose of keeping ppl up to date on our lives - not others. And you know what, it is tough, and a little inconvenient. It is hard to come up with things to say or ppl to write to. It would be so much easier to put a picture of a cute little girl on here and go about our business. It is after all easier to talk about ourselves than it is to talk about others.

So why do I insist on it? Well, you know where the idea came from - if not, click on the link over on the right side of the blog. But really, that link is just a reminder to me to take a minute out of my day, out of my time and let someone else know that despite work, supper, a screaming baby, a barking dog, and a hungry husband - I wanted them to know that I appreciate them for everything they have done to make my life better. In college, I used to love going to check my box to see if someone had dropped me a note - and was so disheartened when nothing was there. Then it dawned on me - why depend on someone else to bring a smile to my day. From then on I use to try to send out a card or two to a friend at least once a week. I didn't need to check my box all the time - b/c my smiles came from making other happy and letting them know they were being thought of and prayed for...

It may not be the most eloquent of writings you've ever read - and it for sure won't win any prize. But for me, it is just a reminder that you know what, it isn't just about me. Life isn't just about me and my family. Life involves so many other ppl. So many other ppl affect my life in such a positive way. Life these days are so fast paced and we get caught up in it and forget that if you just take a second. Just stop, and look around you - someone made a positive impact on your life and you should really thank them for that and let them know that you thank God for them too.

That's why I insist on doing my Tuesday Tribute - that's why I think it wouldn't hurt for everyone to just stop and think about someone else for a second. Isn't that a good enough reason?

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