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Monday, April 27, 2009

What Wkd?!

Actually, we had a very good weekend. Saturday we did not feel guilty for leaving the house all day since it was raining outside. It was good to get out! We headed out to Longview to catch up with some old college friends. First, we had lunch with Brandon and Sara. Small world, he just bought a dentist practice in Hallsville and they are settling it. It was really neat to see them and catch up! Then it was off to meet Mr. Parker Spiess - who is about a month old. He is the son of Keith's good friend Steven from ACU. Keith spent the afternoon with them comparing Daddy stories while Carli and I headed off to the baby shower for Sophia the soon to arrive daughter of my good friend Erica. All in all it was a good day of visiting!

I wish I could say the same about our night as Carli decided that sleeping really was not on her agenda. The child is a stubborn one, I will grant her that. I think I may have gotten 4 hours of combined sleep - but I held strong. I didn't give in b/c I definitely did not want to sit us back from the progress we had made!

Talking to Daddy after eating some dinner

Sunday was great for the most part. Carli did awesome in church. We didn't have to go to the cry room at all. Although we did step out toward the end of the sermon b/c she was ready to get to singing - but she really did awesome. She was a big girl in class and sit at the table with the other two little girls (4 months and 6 months). They sang songs and had a grand time. Daddy was in charge on Sunday afternoon while I tackled the bushes in the front yard. Poor things got neglected all last year b/c of me being pregnant. Boy were they in need of a trimming. I thoroughly enjoyed being outside and Keith and Carli had their father/daughter time. Carli did not want to take her afternoon nap and managed to accomplish the feat of crying, no screaming, the whole nap time. But other than that little episode, the day was good.

Talking to Naggy and Pappy on Skype while we eat supper

I was kind of dreading bedtime - but was prepared for another battle. It was a late bedtime b/c Carli had fallen asleep going to the grocery store (after all, screaming 1 hr will wear a baby out!). So she got a good power nap in and was not ready for bed until 8:30. So we did the routine - and I laid her down and guess what...She went to sleep! No kidding and we did not hear a peep from her all night! I one the other hand probably woke up 6 times to check the monitor - ha!

Sleeping with her Caterpillar and Frog

So we start another week and we are going to try our best to stay on the same schedule all week. We plan on getting her up at 7 am every day so that feedings and napping all should be about the same time and that should also put bedtime at the same time every night. That's our plan anyway. If anyone knows my family though - plans are made to be broken...maybe Carli hasn't gotten that memo yet though!

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