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Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Year Ago Today..

Dear Carli -

One year ago today, God blessed us with a miracle we could not fathom. Your daddy and I had worked long and hard for your arrival. We had clothes, we had diapers, we had a nursery - and we were excited, we were nervous and honestly we were scared. We had been blessed to have wonderful parents who cared, loved and guided us and the thought of being in their shoes, to do those things was a little overwhelming.

On October 1, 2008, despite those fears you finally decided to make your way into our world. 10 days after your due date, I was so scared you would be an 11 lb baby and was more scared of how I would get you here! ha! But, never fear, God had that taken care of and you arrived a healthy 8 lbs 4 oz screaming baby girl and you were perfect.

Your daddy's heart simply melted the first time he saw you. He was video taping you, and you were crying as they pricked and prodded your little body. He reached down and touched your little hand and you stopped. That was the moment you had your daddy wrapped right around that little pinkie. You could have asked him to move a mountain and he would had done it. He still would.

We had lots of help when we got to come home from the hospital. Naggy and Grammy each spent time with us. I was so thankful to have them with us to help us and keep me sane! It was hard few weeks. But finally, we figured each other out. You figured out that just because I was holding you didn't mean I would nurse you! And I figured out that sometimes a girl just needs to cry and let out some pent up energy! And we were okay.

This year has been amazing. They are not kidding when they say it flies by fast. I look back and can't believe my 20 lb walking, jabbering baby girl was a mere 8 lbs 4 oz this time last year. So dependant on me for everything. Little Ms. Independent that you are today, wow! Where did the time go?

Those shoes that we as your parents are attempting to fill, still feel a little big. We pray a lot. We breathe lots of sighs of relief with each obstacle we conquer. We are not perfect. We've made mistakes. We are trying hard, though. We want you to know - you are a wonderful, God given blessing. Every tear I've cried, every fear we've overcome and every milestone we've celebrated - are all blessings.

Thank Carli Lynn, for all you've taught me this year. Thank you for making my heart swell with pride. Thank you for melting your daddy's heart. Thank you for showing us unconditional love. We love you, precious girl. You are still as much a miracle today as you were a year ago.


Momma and Daddy

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Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Carli! Seriously this post made me tear up. Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones, but still...

Yuri said...

Oh my, I still cannot believe Carli had her first birthday already, Happy Belated Birthday little one!!!!!! What a wonderful post, Resa. Thanks for sharing Carli and your joys and experiences throughout the year. You are SO good at it!