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Monday, October 19, 2009

One Year Stats

It dawned on me that I never posted Carli's one year stats. She went for her 12 mth check up on Oct 5th. She did great, until she saw a nurse or a doctor and then she screamed until they left. Poor doc, all she had to do was come in the room and Carli screamed bloody murder until she left. I guess this will be the norm for us until she gets over her fear of doctors after her visit to the ER earlier. I felt bad b/c I got it in my head she would get no shots, so I was not prepared, and neither was Carli (I try to give her some Tylenol beforehand). She did get shots and she was definitely mad about it! I was surprised that she only weighed 18lbs. When we were there a couple of weeks earlier, she was 19 lbs 6 oz or something with all her clothes on...who knew a diaper, cast and clothes weighs so much! The doc wasn't too concerned with her being so light. She said she was just a long lean baby - no idea where that comes from, definitely not from her Momma! Carli also prefers to graze all day instead of eating a whole lot at once. We got through stages of eating meat and vegi's and then she will boycott them and only eat cheese and bread. Something about reaping what I sowed...not sure why ppl say that.

Anyway - here are her stats as of Oct 5th:

Weight: 18 lbs - 6%
(Gained a whooping 10.5 oz in three months)

Height: 29.25 inches - 56%
(Grew an inch and a half)

Head 98.5 cm - 69%
(This is the first time they gave me this measurement on her paper, but at least her head is big, that means she has a big brain, right?)

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1 comment:

Anna said...

Ha...don't worry about those percentiles! My nephew is around 35% for height and 75% for head circumference! He's basically a short bobble head doll! lol