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Monday, April 19, 2010

35 Weeks and Counting

If you stopped by hoping for an update with some pictures, I am sorry to disappoint. It seems that time is flying by and I'm walking in slow motion through it all! I had my 35 week check up last Wednesday and really didn't learn much. They are called belly checks, because pretty much all the doc does is listen to the baby's heartbeat through the belly and then he measures the belly...somehow. So toward the end, they want your belly to measure in centimeters the same as the week you are - so I should have measured 35 cm last week. I was a 37 cm belly though. He wasn't too concerned b/c for one, Ava is a two blood vessel baby and they half expect her to be smaller than Carli was, so if she is measuring a little big that is good news. And it probably didn't help that Ava kicked the doctor the whole time we were there - or punched him, I'm not sure. As soon as he put the jelly stuff on my belly to hear her heartbeat, my belly looked like a pin ball machine, little feet, bottom and hands going every which way! So, the doctor said, her heart sounded great - a little elevated due to her physical activity which he thought was awesome and my belly size was fine seeing as to how it was getting pummelled the whole time! ha!

We go every week until little Ava gets here. This week we get one last ultrasound and Keith has his fingers crossed that we will get to see her face...the anticipation is killing him! :) Actually, we've been so swamped, he hasn't had time to dwell on it - but when another ultrasound was mentioned, he was pretty excited to try to see her again.

The rest of life is flying by as well. I need to put an update on here from Carli's big "first" this weekend. She stayed all by herself without us 'ol parents with her Grammy and Pa and everyone had a blast! They even took some pictures, so I promise, I'll get them posted soon. Currently, I am running on 4 hrs of sleep due to Carli choosing not to sleep last night - guess she used all her good behavior up on Grammy and Pa!!

We bought a car! Woohoo! It's taken us about 6 months and we are forever grateful to our family for allowing us use of their transportation until we found what we wanted...I'll have to take pictures of the car too...and decide on the name/gender...this one is a little more difficult...Old Blue and Volvie just fit...haven't found a fit yet for this one! Pls send up a prayer for us all though, as Grandma and Pawpaw's car was returned to them, without any keys...not sure if that will make life easier or harder...hmmmm...

While Carli was playing with Grammy and Pa all wkd, Keith and I were at a church retreat with our 20s class. It was an awesome, relaxing time and kind of neat to just get to hang out with some adults!

Welp, such is the update for now - Carli is awake from her nap - work to be done, life just keeps going! More later...

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