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Friday, April 23, 2010

If he/she only had a name...

Welp, we finally did it. After being burned so badly on our last car purchase, we have been blessed by a family who had an extra vehicle for us to drive. So, drove we did...first it was Hooptie, a wonderful little car who may not have been much to look at but he sure did get us where we needed to go! Then, Grandma and Pawpaw "let" us borrow their Taurus for awhile so it could get driven a bit and knock the dust of him. But alas, real life was calling, and baby is expected any week and we really needed to bite the bullet and find a car.

We knew what we wanted, a Ford Freestyle (Taurus X), but needed a used one as brand new they are expensive little stinkers. We had loved our Volvo, the awesome safety rating was a huge seller. Turns out when Ford bought Volvo way back when, they did so in order to use some of their safety technology and the Ford Freestyle was the first Ford vehicle they used that technology on...SCORE! B/c we had looked at the XC90 and the gas mileage wasn't so hot...and I am not really picky about looks, but honestly the Volvo wagons are a bit ugly! The Ford Freestyle gets much, much better gas mileage than the bigger SUV's and had the safety technology we wanted! Plus, I had two sticking points - I needed a car with a third row for when Naggy and Pappy come to visit and I really wanted the "quad" seating...everything else I could deal with...

So, we had planned a wkd to go to Dallas to accomplish our mission. Carli was going to top off her first big wkd without us by staying with Grammy and Pa for the day and maybe a night in case we were really late. I was nervous b/c we had already bought a used vehicle from the metroplex, from a respected dealer supposedly and it was a lemon...I had really, really wanted our mechanic to look at it but wasn't sure how it would all work...

Anyway, I occasionally scan Craigslist for random things and have had decent luck, but there have been no decent Freestyles with low mileage on them in East Texas...until last week. And there it was...an 07 Ford Freestyle, LIMITED, with only 52K miles on it! AND, it was below our max price, which was awesome!! AND it was not gray, which was Keith's only request. It was in Longview at a credit union...so last week, after some prayers, and help from a good friend who lived in the area and recommended a mechanic, we bought our car...

I got way more than I wanted, leather seats with heating...I got the quad seating on the second row and the third row seating too. The mileage is low, it is the perfect height for me to get Carli in and out of and easy to park. LOVE IT! The only thing it will need is some new tires soon as it still has the original factory tires on it. When we get those, the road noise will go down significantly.

The only dilemma now is to name the poor car...nothing has "come" to me...maybe it's a pregnancy thing and making a decision, after all it did take us 6 months to even commit to buying a car! Any suggestions?

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