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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Carli's Big Wkd

Carli had a big first last weekend. Some may find it strange that Carli has never really stayed away from us in her 18 months of life, but we haven't found a need for her to really. So, it's pretty much been us three going about life, enjoying each other's company and the company of others too, we just all go home at the end of the day together. But the time came, as it inevitably would, that life required Keith and I to leave without Carli. I think it was harder on me that it was on her really. So, we headed out to our couples retreat and dropped Carli off with her Grammy and Pa for the wkd on the way. Grammy got a two page list of Carli's day, why I packed what I did, etc...and then I told her to ignore it. She'd done it before, three times in fact, I knew they would be just fine! But it gave me peace of mind to know that I did leave an explanation of it all!

We left the camera for them to take pictures and pictures they took!

The first night, eating out with Grammy and Pa enjoying some Banana Pudding!

To say Carli LOVES Sally Mae is in understatement...

Apparently running around and around the car was the game of the day!

And running some more...

Pa is a busy man, but never to busy to play house with Carli!

Did I mention the love for Sally Mae?

Headed off to check the cows with Pa...

Where'd they go?

Carli LOVES animals, and she has seen pictures of cats. But she never had a cat let her give it the appropriate Carli hug, until she met Tomette...

Grammy and Pa did awesome with Carli. Good thing b/c I am thinking when Ava arrives, Carli may have a few more of these excursions to get her special one on one time! Keith said Carli may look like him, but she has got some of her Momma in her after all! She loved being outside most of the wkd and "working" on the farm! :)

Thanks Grammy and Pa for making Carli's first weekend away from us so much fun for her! Us parents survived too!

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