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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

King/Bennet Family Reunion 2011

Are you ready for some pictures? I'm pretty sure I took over 200 pictures this past weekend, but have no fear - I'll divide it up in three separate posts! :) I can't help it - my kids are just too cute!

Our Easter weekend started off on Saturday with a family reunion in Alto. We had it in an old school building which was pretty cool, but the lack of air conditioning was not so cool! ha! The heat did not seem to bother the kids at all and they all had a blast!

Notice Ava's toes in this picture - she pulled up alone, we were merely attempting to prevent the inevitable fall! :)
Uncle Andy had great fun with the girls all weekend. He picked on Carli, asking her every chance he got if he could bring "his Ava" home with him. At the end of the weekend, they had reached an agreement that Uncle Andy could bring "My (Carli's) Ava" home with her and Uncle Andy could come too - and bring Logan of coarse!

Uncle Andy gave his hand at trying to get Ava to walk...
Did I mention it was warm? The kids didn't seem to notice at all.

They played non stop but they did have a sixth sense about when it was time to start the Easter egg hunt...they were so patient!

This year, Carli got it. Last year, she hunted the eggs and had fun but I think this year she actually got that she needed to find some eggs!

Pa was Carli's egg hunting partner

This was Ava's first ever experience with the Easter egg hunt and she thought they made great teething toys!

And this would not have been a successful day without attempting to get a picture of the girls together...

...don't you think it went well?
About the time Carli decided she was done, someone announced the money egg had not been found.

A little history here - as far back as I can remember, our family has ALWAYS had a money egg. My most vivid memory was my MeMaw usually knew where the money egg was and if she decided things were taking too long, she'd pick a great-grandkid and tell them where to look...I don't remember how old I was when I got "picked" but that year, the money egg was in MeMaw's purse! :) It was the best Easter ever!

So, every since then, when the whole big family gets together everyone puts some money in the money egg and one person is designated to hide it and they and only they know where it is...

Two years ago, on Carli's first Easter, she and her Daddy found the money egg. And this year, they kept the tradition going when Carli found the money egg (almost all by herself) in the tail pipe of a truck.
And finally - my fill in picture taker wasn't too familiar with my camera - but it wouldn't be a family reunion without a family picture! :)

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