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Monday, April 4, 2011

Ranger's Opening Day

Keith has been dying to take the girls to a Rangers Game - so when the opportunity arose to go to opening day, we jumped on it. We had an unspoken agreement that the likelihood of making it through the entire game was zilch! But we went in expecting to enjoy the festivities and the girls excitement!

We got to the ballpark about noon. Parking was a breeze - we used the old back way on good 'ol Randal Mill and had no problems and didn't have to walk far, if only we hadn't made our rounds at all the tail gating parties! :) Keith's work had a free BBQ, so we went there first and got some free food. And grabbed some pics too!

And then it was a walk all the way on the other side of the stadium to find Michael and Kelli at their tailgating party. Really, it wasn't that bad of a walk. Ava had a grand time! She loved the front infant carrier. Fit her perfectly - feels safe and secure, but still able to be little Miss Social and smile and wave at all the people we passed.

We had a good visit and then it was time to go into the stadium...

Our seats were way, way up high! :) Carli LOVED it! When the bomber flew over the stadium she was in complete awe. We weren't able to sit still long, but we knew we wouldn't be able too. After the first inning, we headed down to see Uncle Kevin. I forgot my camera - blah - but Carli had an absolute blast playing and playing with him. We finally convinced her to let him go back and watch the game, but I am pretty sure she melted his heart when she said, "You come with me Uncle Kevin, PLEASE?!" :) Priceless.

We made it to the middle of the 5th inning and the heat and lack of a nap finally got to Carli and she was out. Ava wasn't far behind, and the prospect of holding sleeping babies in 90 degree weather was not a good one, so we made our exit. We must have been a sight carrying two sleeping children, because a lady in a golf cart drove by, did a U Turn and commented that just looking at us hurt her back! She gave us a ride to the car.

So, we didn't have to deal with traffic and when the girls woke up about Terrell, we stopped for some supper and to walk around the outlet mall before heading home. All in all, I think the day was awesome - definitely an opening day that only parents can appreciate, but it was fun. Carli now refers to all baseball games as "Ranger Games!" We are looking forward to July when we get to go to the Astros game and watch it from a Suite - pretty sure we will make it through the entire game that time!

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