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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carli's First Sleepover

Sunday night was a big night for the Hays - it was Carli's first sleepover. Kenzie came over to spend the night because her Momma, Kori, was being induced at the insanely early hour of 5 am the next day. It was an adventure for those 24 hrs having three little girls all under the age of three in our home, but we survived and so did Kori! :)

Kenzie arrived right about 7:30 which is bath time in our house. Even though Kenzie already had had her bath, she was not going to be left out! This girl loves her baths! She was the first in and the last out.

Keeping with the nightly routine, while I was putting Ava to bed Keith and the girls enjoyed a couple of episodes of good ol Dora the Explorer. Kenzie really was enthralled with it. I had to apologize to her parents if she is now addicted! But at least we have someone to suffer with us now.

With our show over, it was time to brush our teeth, say our prayer and go to bed!

Do you know what an absolute miracle with would have been had all three girls successfully slept all night long in the same room?! Ha! After 30 minutes of some squealing and giggles, we moved Kenzie to our room so they would sleep. Within 10 minutes of being separated, both girls were sound asleep! We were so thankfully everyone slept all night long!

Monday morning started off with a good breakfast, a picture text sent to Kori from Kenzie wishing her good luck and then it was off to the park!

We did a lot of swinging...

Ava wore herself out trying to keep up with the big girls.

I caught them all in the same spot, sitting still...it was less than a second before they were all going in separate directions again!

After a quick rest, they discovered that the play ground had sand...lots and lots of sand. Between the extremely crazy hot weather, juice and sand, I had some wonderfully dirty children on my hands!

We headed back home to put Ava down for a nap and let the older girls play in the water outside. We had a swimming pool full of bubbles!! Too bad I still needed to bathe them to get the dirt out of their hair!
The girls tried very hard to get the bubbles from their swimming pool to blow bubbles from their bubble wands. After an intense 3 minutes of huffing and puffing they declared the bubbles were broke and moved on to "washing" the porch.

We must have flat wore Kenzie out! After water time was over and Ava woke up, it was baths all around then time for lunch. At 11:30, Kenzie put herself down for a nap and slept 2.5 hrs! So she was waking up about the time Carli and Ava went down for their naps. Since I just had one child to take care of for the moment, we decided to make Kori some extra peanut buttery chocolate no bake cookies. I think Kenzie thoroughly enjoyed eating the peanut butter off the knife!

After a long day for Kori, she had a C-Section about 4:30. We made it that long with no major incidents or melt downs so I was pretty pleased with us all. As we were preparing to go have dinner and take Kenzie to see her new baby brother, Kenzie decided to give sleeping Chuy a good love pat and he snapped at her. Got her right over her left eye. I was so upset as was Kenzie! She had some nice teeth impressions and a little gash. The swelling wasn't too bad b/c we got ice right on it but I was pretty bummed that that had happened. Kenzie didn't cry much but informed me that she didn't like dogs any more. :(

Finally, after some dinner (three children in Bueno with two parents, I think we lost) we headed to the hospital to meet little Hayden. He is so so sweet! He looks like his Daddy to me. I didn't get a good picture of him as we didn't stay too long since it was really family time and the grandparents were just getting there to see their new grandbaby for the first time...but I did snag one quick picture before we left out...

All in all, our first sleep over was a success! Although this Momma was worn out but I'm sure not near as worn out as Ms. Kori was after her long day of labor. Carli is asking where "her Kenzie" is all the time now and has named all her babies Hayden. :)

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