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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Play Date with Cousin Logan

Logan came home with Grammy and Pa from our Smith Family get together. Monday morning we met up with Logan and Grammy at the Discovery Science Center for a couple of hours of fun. I told Sassy she really owed me for wearing the girls completely out that morning! She pretty much only had to show up and they went to sleep the whole time she was there!

Logan really enjoyed the DSC. It had a lot of things that were perfect for his age.

All three really like the gravity room, which is basically a lot of miniature golf ball roller coasters. We spent a lot of time in that room!

Of coarse Ava loved it b/c there were lots and lots of yellow golf balls!

The other favorite spot was the grocery store. All three kids "shopped and shopped." Logan really enjoyed "checking out." He even made the "beep-beep" (scanner) noise as he unloaded his items.

Ava is pretty dangerous when you give her a miniature buggy! And I have to say it is one of the cutest things I have ever seen when she starts putting things in the buggy. She loves to copy the two older kids. After she was done shopping, she even took her cart over to the check out stand and started unloading it!

Carli was my little "momma." I didn't get too many pictures of her b/c she was busy shopping, cleaning and cooking! She was never still!

Ava found this hat in the dress up area and would pretend to put it on, but she never actually let it touch her head!

Logan and Carli in the firetruck. Logan is a brave little boy to be letting Carli drive!

We shopped, we played and now we were hungry! So Logan, Carli and Ava whipped us up some lunch!

What other restaurant can you go to that offers doctor services in house?

We finally convinced the kids it was time for some real food so we met Keith for lunch at Daniel Boone's so that Logan could have a corn dog. You know you've had a good morning with the kids just eat and eat and eat!

It was a fun play date! Carli and Ava even got to spend most of the day on Tuesday at the lake with Logan, Grammy and Pa. Momma was at work so I didn't get any pictures but from all account and from the tired girls I took home with me, it was a good day!

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