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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sister Day at the Lake

Last week, Grammy's sisters all came down to the lakehouse to have a "Sister's Day." It happened that that day fell on a Tuesday and Grammy insisted that the girls come stay with her and her sisters while I went to work. Here's the conversation that Carli and I had on Tuesday morning as we got ready to leave home:

Me: "Carli, do you know who you get to play with today?"

Carli: "Grammy!"

Me: "Yep, you get to play with Grammy and Grammy's sisters at the big, big water."

Carli: "Oh! I have a sister, she's a baby."

Me: "Yes, Ava is your sister. Grammy has three sisters."

Carli: "No, Grammy has two sisters. I'm two, and Ava is one." (This is a comment we hear all the time these days.)

Me: "No, Grammy has three sisters: Aunt Trudie, Aunt SuAnne and Aunt Sarah. You are going to get to play with all of them today."

Carli: "Oh, okay Momma. I have a baby sister, her name is Ava."

And I gave up! :)

We got to the lake and Grammy came to meet us outside. Carli immediately wanted to know where the babies were. I didn't get it at first, until we walked into the house and Carli was asking my aunts where Grammy's babies were, because after all, all sisters are babies. :) Got to love how a 2 year olds mind works!

The girls had an awesome time spending the day with Grammy and all their great-aunts. They played outside, went swimming and ate some yummy almond cookies!

Carli and Ava "cooking" for everyone.

Aunt Trudie and Ava were fast buddies, especially since Aunt Trudie always had some food to feed Ava!

Carli "feeding" Grammy.

Grammy said she was pretty sure that Carli fed Ava some mud pies and Ava didn't mind!

Ava with Aunt SuAnne blowing bubbles.

Our sweet girl!

Thanks to Aunt Sarah for taking some pictures for us (notice she wasn't in any!). And many thanks to all the aunts and Grammy for letting the Hays' sisters impose on the Smith sisters' day of fun!

Oh and when we got home Carli at least told her Daddy that Grammy had three sisters and they weren't babies. But, her sister is Ava and she is a baby. ha!

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1 comment:

Amanda said...

This one had me cracking up! Carli is so funny!

I know it was special for them to get to spend some much time with your sweet babies.