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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Learning to Pray

To say the last couple of weeks has been a challenge would be an understatement. I haven't felt that hot with allergies and after a couple of weeks gave in and went to the doctor - only to have that turn into a whole other fiasco. But finally after three days of waiting they gave me some meds, and then the stomach virus hit our house. I will say that I'll take a throwing up 2.5 year old over a throwing up 15 month old. At least the 2.5 year old can make it in the bucket or toilet for the most part...with the 15 month old, there is no warning. And she likes grapes...lots of grapes. Grapes even stain brown carpet. But when the virus hits both parents at the same time, we were thanking God that we have family so close by to come rescue us, even when both kids weren't 100%! Anyway, after two weeks of being sick, trying to keep up with life, kids and work I've returned to the blog world in an attempt to catch up. So the next few posts will be of the weeks past but are cute pictures (with cute kids of coarse) and fond memories!

Just today we were hit with another challenge that I can't quite explain in terms Carli can understand. There are fires everywhere, but they never seem real until they hit so close to home. After getting a call from my Dad to bring some hoses and sprinklers down to their Linwood farm this afternoon, I can't quite explain the craziness and surrealness (is that a word?) of it all. So when I tried to tell Carli why we needed to pray for Pa's farm, it finally came down to we had to pray for his chickens. Man, I love it when kids learn to pray...so innocent and intense. At least that gives us all a reason to smile, through the fires, sickness and challenges...

**Just a little background, yes we do pray in the bathroom. No toys and less distractions! Hey, whatever works. You can't hear the first part of our "prayer time" but we talk about who and what to pray for. Carli was telling me we needed to pray for Pa b/c she threw up on him and Logan threw up on the couch. Ha!

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