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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rainbow Rice!

Keith and I aren't really buying the girls Christmas this year. Instead we are making most of it. I did get some clothes and a few toys from the CCC Sale, but mainly we are sticking to the homemade gifts. Pinterest has helped a lot with ideas. We figure we don't need a ton of new toys and that the girls will most likely have just as much fun opening the present as they would discovering what is in it!

So on my list of Christmas Gift to-dos, was rainbow rice. I've been wanting to get the girls a sandbox, but the Cicada Killers are very popular here and they tend to lay their eggs in the sand. I found this idea with rice and it was much cheaper and added an extra element of fun...color!

I actually let the girls help me color the rice. It was part of the fun after all! I bought a $5 bag of rice and the food coloring and we spent a good 45 minutes "making colors" as Carli liked to repeatedly say! Ave spent that 45 minutes attempting to out maneuver me and sneak up on the table. :)

Carli helped me measure out 8 bags of rice with three cups each in them. Then I added 4 tsp on rubbing alcohol, and then the food coloring to each bag. Carli's job was to "SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!" And she took this task very seriously!

Ava even joined in a time or two!

Carli had to show her exactly how to shake, as it is a very skilled task.

After we got them all mixed together, we laid them out to dry on the table. I didn't quite think this one through b/c it was very near lunch AND I had not had any caffiene all morning. By the end of the project and asking Carli to not pull the paper and Ava to stay off the chairs I was needing a Sonic run real bad! :) But, Whitey Tighty is notorious for getting on the table. Have no fear, I just took them all with us to Sonic - two kids, three dogs and a Momma with little sanity. A good mix! :)

After surviving Sonic, and eating lunch in the living room on TV trays. I got the girls down for a nap and thankfully the rice was nice and dry. I put them in 4 separate plastic containers so I could wrap them and put them under the tree later. What's kind of crazy is Carli hasn't asked where the rice went! It was fun and I'm glad I got the girls involved, sanity loss and all!

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