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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Hays' Crew!!!

We had lots of fun making our Valentine's Cards this year. We made two different sets. One for our family/friends and one for Carli's school friends.

Our first set of Valentines we made were red heart stamps. Ava wasn't so sure about this, she made a couple and was done. Carli had a blast! We took two empty toilet paper rolls and made hearts from them. Then dipped them in paint so the girls could stamp some hearts.

Ava making one of her two cards...

Carli took her heart stamping very seriously!

And Ava's done! But at least she kept us company and read us a book!

Carli showing off a finished card.

See, Mom can appreciate the boxes versitility too! ;)

Our second set of cards were for Carli's Valentine school party. We used a friend's template to make our toppers and added stickers and M&Ms to the bags. Carli really enjoyed doing these cards, as did I b/c there was no messy clean up and it took less than 15 minutes!

Carli show me your cards!!

Carli show me your cards and your face!

The day isn't even half over, but I can tell you that this Valentine's Day has already been so much fun. Carli has wished everyone a Happy Valentine's Day since last week. She always follows it up with "I Love You" and Ava is quick to copy the "I Love You!" Can't beat that! She was so excited for her party today at school. Plus their daddy, all on his own, went and got them Valentine's Day cards and coloring books. Can't wait to see him give it all to them! The girls already enjoyed getting Valentine goodies from Naggy & Pappy and Grammy & Pa. This morning Logan and the girls exchanged their Valentine gifts before we hurried out the door to school. They were so sweet talking in the car thanking each other for their gifts. Love it! :)

Happy Valentine's Day Ya'll!!

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