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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Letter to my Baby Girl, Ava Ruth

Ava-Boo -

My how time has flown and what a year it has been!  It is so obvious to me now that God's plan for adding you to our family at the time in which He did was perfect.  His timing was perfect.  You have brought us so much joy, laughter and memories and I am eager to see what He has in store for us all in the year to come!

I will be honest and tell you that your first year was very much a challenge for me.  Having two little girls so close in age was a true battle of time, sleep and lots of tears.  But for all the lack of sleep, all the tears that were shed, they were by far surpassed in your second year with pure joy.  I can't even begin to describe the amount of joy that you are to our family. 

Those little eyes twinkle with mischief, just as your Pawpaw's did.  Sometimes I wonder what in the world you are scheming to do in that little mind of yours as your eyes twinkle while you watch the world around you.  I am pretty sure you will be our little prankster, always good for making us laugh at the most random times.  If only I could understand half of what you are telling me, I'm pretty sure I would avoid lots of "fits" from your sister as she reacts to being the center of your little "schemes."  But then again, I sure would miss lots of laughs if that were the case!

You have the most infectious belly laugh I have ever heard.  It is priceless and once you get going, there isn't a person within ear shot that's not smiling and laughing too!  It's kind of like that irresistible little smile of yours.  Just the thought of that precious little smile, with your chubby little cheeks brings a smile to my face and joy in my heart!

You are the most clean, dirty child I have ever met.  You get dirty on your own terms...and no one else's.  There have been many times when a melt down ensues simply because Carli accidentally put a little dirt on your shoe.  Only to have me clean it off and you dump a whole bucket of dirt on your feet without shedding a tear.  You love dirt, insects fascinate you and if I would allow you to fill a bucket of water and pour it out all day long, you would in a heart beat...all while stomping in the mud.  Just don't let Carli touch you with her dirty muddy hands, because that would be gross.  :) 

Oh, I know God blessed me with one pretty little girl with beautiful blue eyes and a knock out smile.  But did you know that God blessed me with the most sweet, loving, compassionate little angel as well?  You have such a caring little heart.  The first time you spread your little arms apart and asked "What matter?" when I was beyond frustrated at nap time just melted me.  How in the world could I be upset with that true look of concern on your precious little face?  You love to give your puppy dogs hugs and cover them with blankets to keep them warm.  I'm not sure they appreciate your efforts! 

Carli never really did play much with dolls at this age, but you do.  You love your babies.  You love to feed them, sing to them and put them night night.  We constantly hear you talking to your babies telling them you love them. 

I love the random, "Momma, I love you!" from the back seat.  You love to get hugs and kisses and every once in a while you will lean over and just give us a kiss for no reason.  It is awesome.

What I absolutely LOVE is to watch your face when I ask you if you want to go see Grandma.  You just light up!  You look around and start asking where Grandma is!  The pure joy and love you have for Grandma is so amazing and awesome.  When Grandma was in the nursing home, you didn't miss a beat.  You ran right into the room and climbed up in bed and gave her a big hug!  You are so lucky and blessed to have your Great Grandma!  And she sure loves you so much!

I don't have to tell you what a lucky little girl you are to have two sets of amazing grandparents.  You melt their hearts with that grin and giggle.  Pa loves playing ball with you in his office.  Grammy can't wait for her Monday afternoon hugs.  We call Naggy and Pappy at the most random times, just so you can tell them you love them.  Actually, I am pretty sure your grandparents think they are pretty lucky too!

Your first year, you were a Momma's girl.  Hands down.  I LOVED it!  I just knew I would lose my status this year and you would become a little Daddy's girl like your sister is.  You do have your Daddy wrapped around that little pinkie, there is no doubt in that.  But when tears are shed or cuddles are needed, I am so proud to say that a Momma's girl you still are!

Every thing Carli does, you want to do it too.  You are convinced that you are just as big as she is and when Carli started pre-k this past January you didn't understand why you couldn't stay with her.  It took a day or two before you realized that while sister was at school you got Momma or Kayla all to yourself and you ate it up!  You absolutely LOVE your alone time and getting someones 100% attention.  It flat wears you out!  And after you recover with a 3 hour nap, you are so excited to see Carli is back from school.  It is all we can do to keep you from waking her up from her nap!

You do have one amazing big sister.  She is very protective of you, but doesn't hesitate to volunteer you to go first in new situations.  What are big sisters for, right?  Just in the past two months you have really started playing well with Carli.  You all play school and house.  You read books together and play outside.  Ya'll are loud.  Really loud.  You especially talk all the time, non stop.  Really you do.  I guess I should treasure this b/c some say the time will come when getting three words out of you will be like pulling teeth. 

Ava, what a blessing you are to our family.  I simply could not imagine what I would do without you around.  God truly gave me more than I deserved when he blessed me with you on May 14, 2010.  I pray every night for the knowledge, and wisdom to give you the guidance to live a life in service to Him.   Your Daddy and I love you so very much and I pray that you always know that we are doing our best just for you. 

Happy Birthday Ava Ruth!



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