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Friday, May 25, 2012

Need a Lawyer?

We have one in our family now!  We are so proud of Anthony for finishing law school last week.  We all loaded up and headed to San Antonio to celebrate his awesomeness.  We rented a house so the whole family could stay together.  It worked out really well!  We didn't have to battle the kids in a restaurant all weekend!  Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Johnny and Uncle Danny brought Grandma.  And Aunt SuAnne and Uncle Tom came for the day on Saturday. 

The kids ate up having room to run and play.  Saturday morning before we left for graduation I actually captured a picture of them all, kind of smiling!

Pa with his girls. 

The girls did really well sitting through the graduation ceremony.  Carli had to go potty without fail as soon as it started, and we were sitting right in the middle of the row!  Thank goodness for Uncle Danny answering text msgs and Aunt Carolyn's willingness to take Carli so we didn't have to climb all over strangers to make the mad dash to the bathroom! 

As soon as the graduates started filing in and we found Anthony, we all started taking pictures.  Carli got frantic wanting to know where her phone was...as soon as she found it, she had to snap some pictures too! 

Ava did really well considering that graduation fell right in the middle of her nap time.  She was really into the clapping for everyone!

We are so so proud of Anthony and all his hard work!  Can't you tell his Momma is proud of him in this picture?

We were all very happy that Grandma was able to come see her baby boy graduate.  They have a very special bond.

The siblings

The kids weren't very cooperative about taking pictures with Uncle Tone.  Ava was kind of weary of his hat and the other two were just being difficult.  Here's the two oldest taking a "break" and we snapped a quick picture with Uncle Tone. 

Don't attempt to make my children do something you want them to do, especially if they really don't want to...b/c you will end up with a picture like this!  But at least they aren't in tears!

Congrats Uncle Tone on your amazing achievement!  We LOVE you very much!!

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