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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge Vacation

In January we lucked out on getting a good Groupon deal with Great Wolf Lodge.  To make it even better, their suites were large enough that we doubled up with the Keown's and each bought a night.  So we got two nights for the price of one, all at 40% off.  We were pretty excited to get to check out this awesome hotel and got to do so during the week so it wasn't very crowded at all.

We headed out right after church service on the last Sunday in January.  The Keown's met up with Kori's sister for lunch and we met up with Uncle Danny's at Babes.  Yummy!  We got to the hotel by 3 pm and got checked in then headed down to check out the waterpark.

The three girls were pretty excited!

Needless to say the waterpark was awesome.  It was pretty crowded on Sunday afternoon, although I am sure it is packed during the summer!  You have to check out by 11 am but you can stay and play at the water park until close.  Thus there were a lot of ppl still around from the weekend.  That didn't stop the girls from having an absolute blast!  We spent a couple of hours at the park, letting the kids wear themselves out before convincing them to go grab some dinner.

The next morning we all kind of slept in a bit (since sleeping in with four kids under the age of 4 means past 7 am).  We got down to the park about 10 and it was not crowded at all.  Kori and I headed off to ride some of the slides since the guys checked them out the day before.  The guys were on kid patrol.  That's pretty much how we spent the morning taking turns playing with the kids and doing the big slides.

The kid area was amazing.  The water was about 1.5 feet deep.  Perfect for 2, 3, and 4 year olds!  The girls LOVED it!  They spent a lot of their time jumping into the water.

Every once in a while we got them to sit still long enough for a picture!

In another year, they would be pretty independent to play in this area with us not having to be right next to them in the water.  But for now, we pretty much shadowed the kids while they played.

There were even three slides especially for the kids.  This one was the least intimidating and the girls pretty much stuck to this one.  We did get them to go down the other one once or twice but they weren't huge fans since their faces ended up getting wet.


There was also a wave pool, lazy river, several large slides and then a larger fort for the older kids with the big water bucket that would dump on you if you weren't careful.  Keith and the girls got drenched and that was all it took for Carli to refuse to go near that area again! 

The kids took awesome naps after we had a lunch of pizza in the room.  After naps, we walked the Grapevine Mills mall before meeting up with Tim, Tori and Eden for dinner and catching up with them.  It was a great day and the Great Wolf Lodge lived up to all the girls expectations thus far!

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