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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Haircuts & Birdhouses

It is a well known fact in our house that God has a sense of humor.  Not only were we blessed with two children 19 months apart, but they are both girls...who love all things pink, princess and girly.  Not exactly their mother's cup of tea.  So I have had a lot to learn.  I have learned to make bows, I even have made some skirts.  I am considering redoing the girls bathroom in pink.  Yes, pink.  Little girls have a way of converting their mother.  So along this learning curve, is the issue of hair.  Carli's hair is very fine - nothing like my thick curly hair.  I may not know much about hair styling but I can calm some thick curly hair!  After much urging, I was able to convince Carli to get her hair trimmed last November.  They trimmed off about 2 inches, which still left it half way down her back but got the wispy ends off and that helped a lot with it looking more healthy.  Ava had maybe a tenth of an inch trimmed off her hair because if Carli was going to do it, so was Ava.  Now, it is almost three months later and both girls hair seems to have grown twice as long as it was before but to me they both looked stringy and unkept no matter what I did.  When Carli asked if it was time for a haircut, I jumped at her suggestion and took them to the lady that worked a miracle on my hair.  She was able to even their hair up a lot and make it look so much better.  She made me feel better about all their wisp saying it was new growth, not b/c I was breaking off their hair pulling it back.  Shew.  So, all that to say...we got another hair cut.  Carli's hair now frames her face, and Ava no longer has a mullet, although the picture below doesn't show that very well.  Ava's hair cut look more like a bob.  Maybe I can get a better picture soon.  Hair crisis avoided for now.

The same day we got our hair cut, we painted some bird houses we picked up at JoAnns this wkd on the way home from Abilene.  The girls enjoyed painting and the houses turned out cute!

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