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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ava's Oak Tree Academy Graduation

 Our Ava-Boo is a Pre-K Graduate.  She was so excited that she was graduating and couldn't wait to sing songs for us at her little ceremony.  So on the morning of May 19th Ava performed her little heart out, smiled smiles that melted all our hearts and made us beam with pride!

Ava's graduation was a bit different from Carli's in that, she and her other seven classmates had their own ceremony dedicated just for them.  Oak Tree opted to spread out all the Pre-K classes so it wasn't so crowded.  That sure made it a lot easier to get pictures!  :)

We let Carli skip school to come to Ava's graduation.  Carli was so excited to be there and she even insisted on wearing her OTA graduation shirt.  I think she sang along to every single song!

Here is the first song Ava performed, her Oak Tree Academy song.  Love it!

I probably snapped over 100 pictures trying to capture all the facial expressions and movements. 

Mrs. Denise presented Ava with her Pre-K Graduation Diploma.  Ava wants to be  princess when she grows up.  :)  Already done!

Ava was showered with love on her graduation day.  Her Daddy brought her flowers, her sister skipped school and Grammy & Pa came to watch her too!  Naggy & Pappy were eager to hear all about the program - there is no shortage of love for our Ava-Boo!


Before we all left for the day, we had to make sure we got a good picture with Mrs. Denise.  Mrs. Denise has been jewel to all of us all year.  She has let me drop off Ava early to hang out when I make my OB appts too early and has even met Keith to take Ava to school when I was out of town and he couldn't get out of a mtg.  She has loved our Ava and Ava treasures her!  Mrs. Denise truly has the heart of an amazing teacher and the patience of a saint.  Ava has demanded she get to have a Bueno date or two every now and then!  :)

Before we left, we decided we'd better grab a picture by the OTA sign.  We forgot to get one last year with Carli but how awesome is it that I had both girls right there in their OTA shirts?!  So we took advantage.  OTA has been a huge blessing to our family.  They have loved our girls and worked so hard with them both in academics and even in overcoming a fear of Santa.  Such an amazing group of people and we are so thankful for them all.

One final video of Ava's performance.  This is one of my favorite songs they sing - makes me smile every time.  
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