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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Go Carting

I can remember growing up that Pawpaw had this Go-Cart that he somehow kept running despite all the grandkids riding it year after year.  Some us managed to flip it more than once, the majority of us mastered hitting wet cow patties so we could cover our passenger in cow manure and yet manage to keep ourselves clean.  I remember driving the Go-Cart in front of Pawpaw's shop, and then in front of the barn off 241 and later out in the pasture by our house.  By the later years, as a passenger you kind of had to tuck and roll to get off the Go-Cart so it wouldn't die.  Like most things Pawpaw kept running the older he got, the more creative he got!  :)

Check it out...Andy is driving and I'm clinging to him...notice the cow patty in the bottom left corner!

My Dad, AKA Pa, took the Go-Cart to get fixed up earlier this year.  He picked it up not long ago and b/c Ava just happened to be there when he brought it home, she got the privilege of being the first great grandkid to give it a test run.  I was very impressed when I got the pictures of Ava driving.  She had to scoot all the way forward but she absolutely LOVED it and had a blast!

She could not wait for Carli to get out of school so that she could show her how to drive.  The difference between Carli and Ava is that Ava will listen very intently to what you want her to do.  She hangs on to encouragement and takes all the building up she can get and then she'll give it a try.  Carli wants someone else to do it first and then she'll try it.

So when Carli got home from school, Ava gave her a demonstration and Pa gave her some instruction and it didn't take long before the dirt was flying, squeals of laughter could be heard and lots of smiles all around. 


Now the girls have tried every time they go to Grammy and Pa's to convince Pa to let them ride the Go-Cart.  Because we are usually there on a Wednesday and it is right before church, and there is a lot of mud we have had to divert their attention elsewhere.  I have a feeling this summer the Go-Cart will get a lot more miles put on it...just like it did when their Momma and Uncles were kids!

Here is Ava driving...
And here is Carli, you can tell Carli is a bit more careful!
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