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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Another 10 Day Virus...

Last weekend was a holiday weekend for us and that means in the Hays household...someone is gonna get sick.  Or that has been our MO for the last six months.  And true to form, it happened on Sunday.  We got up after everyone had slept well Saturday night and were getting ready for church and Drew did a *cough* *couch* *gag*.  And I thought no...surely it's something in his throat.  So we preserved.  We stopped at the donut shop and Drew only ate half his pig.  And we decided we better not push our luck and send Drew to class b/c there is a newborn in his class and we didn't want to expose him to anything if Drew was sick.  He and I ended up in the cry room during class.  He whined, he cough/gagged, nursed and hammed it up. 

After class was dismissed, Ava came and sat down and looked quite pitiful saying her throat hurt.  So, we decided it maybe best to send her and Drew home.  Keith took them home and Carli and I stayed for church service.  Got home just in time to hold Drew when he decided to vomit.  Yea, me!  :)

Carli had her first softball practice of the season after church, so I got to hang with the sick kiddos.  No more vomiting, thank goodness.  But he did get pretty in tuned with when his diaper needed to be changed.  :0

Ava's throat was drainage from allergies so she went with Keith and Carli back to church that night.  Drew and I stayed home and worked in the kitchen.  He was quite content for a good hour playing in the sink while I cooked dinner and prepped food for the week.

We didn't get a lot of sleep last week - between Drew's drainage and coughing it was a bit rough going.  I did get a lot of cuddles and rest during the day holding him though! 

 Drew never ran fever and I just figured his allergies were getting to him.  He went to Mawmaw's on Tuesday and Thursday but she texted me halfway through the morning on Thursday b/c he had started running a fever.  Call it a 6th sense but I had already made him a doctors appointment that morning.  So, I went and picked him up and off we went.  His chest, ears and lungs were clear and she declared he had a nasty cold.  She gave us a prescription cough medicine and wished us luck. 

Friday we went to Alto so I could work and Drew pretty much laid around with Pa and Grammy all day.  Grandparents make awesome cuddlers!

Friday night was a long night for Drew and I.  So at 6 I declared to Keith I was done!  He got up and got dressed then took all the kids out of the house by 7 and I went to bed.  He took them to Ihop for breakfast then to two different stores to buy computer stuff.  They got home around 10:30.  I had gotten a solid two hours of sleep and actually ate breakfast in peace!  Drew had his moments of energy on Saturday but he ended the day with a fever...

So, Sunday morning I woke up not feeling great - probably had a lot to do with my middle of the night cuddles from Drew.  He and I stayed home.  He was still running a fever and looked quite pitiful and cute all at once.   He and I stayed home all day and Keith took on church and softball duties again.  Thankfully we had gotten our grocery shopping done the day before so in between Drew's need to snuggle I at least got prepped for the week and made everyone dinner.

Monday was day 9 of our saga and Drew actually slept on Sunday night!  He had a low grade fever Monday morning but by 10 it was gone and he and I spent the morning outside!  He even took a nap or at least a partial nap in his bed for the first time in over a week.  Perhaps this cold has an end after all....

Today was cold day 10 and we ran no fever!  I took Drew to Mawmaw's and he was not very happy with me.  But when I picked him up she was excited b/c he actually ate a snack at her house and even played with the other kids.  He has been going to Mawmaw's for about three weeks now and he has yet to feel 100% while there.  Plus the adjusting to the newness of where he was had him looking pretty pitiful!  We declared today a victory!  He even managed to get a nap in before we went to get the girls from school.  One thing is for sure...whether it's a stomach virus or a cold virus it seem that all viruses are going to hang with Drew for the entire 10 day life span - not cool.

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