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Thursday, February 12, 2009

They're coming!!

Dear Naggy and Pappy -

Word through out the crib is that you are coming to see me tomorrow - I'm very excited. It is important that as my grandparents we set some guidelines out for your visit. Make sure to keep this secret from my Momma and Daddy - for some reason, they want me to stay on some kind of schedule, whatever that is. So between me and you - this is our plan:

Friday: I'm going to help Momma pick you up at the airport and I won't cry when she puts me in the car seat this time. (This is a misleading tactic as she will think I have come to terms with that awful contraption, but I really haven't.) Anyway, I won't cry b/c I must save all my energy for playing! So we will get you from the airport and meet my Daddy for lunch. It will be fun! Then we will go to my house and PLAY, PLAY and PLAY. Yep! We might even go see my Grammy and Pa. That would be awesome, four grandparents all focused on me! I'm not sure what Momma and Daddy will do, but I will stay busy entertaining all my grandparents, after all it is my job! And as hard and tiring playing and entertaining is, we must keep one thing in mind...NO NAPS! As my Naggy and Pappy - it is important that you make sure that happens! That will be our day. Play, play, entertain and NO NAPS!!

Saturday: For some reason, my Momma and Daddy want me to sleep until 7:30 every morning. I think that we should all get up when I am ready. This morning I was ready to go at 5:00! But Momma put me back to bed. So Saturday morning, if I wake up at 5 or 6 or 4:30 - let's stay up! The earlier I wake up, the more time we have to accomplish our goal: PLAY, PLAY, ENTERTAIN and NO NAPS!! Maybe Pappy can help my Daddy with a book case or something, but I'm not too concerned with Momma and Daddy - after all my job is to entertain you! That is why you are coming, right?

Sunday: We go to church on Sunday. I like to play a game with Momma and Daddy and see what kind of funny faces or things they do to try to keep me quiet while the man in the front talks a lot. It should be fun to see what you do too! :)

Monday: Let's not think about that day, Momma says you will have to go home...let's focus on our game plan for the wkd. PLAY, PLAY, ENTERTAIN and NO NAPS!!!

Remember - we must not let Momma and Daddy know about our plan!! Deal?

I can't wait to see you tomorrow Naggy and Pappy!!

Love - Carli Lynn

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