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Friday, February 6, 2009

Views and Perspectives from a 4 Month Old

My momma has done a great job telling everyone about me and I am appreciative, but sometimes I do not think she sees things the way I do. So I have taken it upon myself to tell the Carli Lynn story, from a baby's perspective (with the typing assistance of my Momma, I can't very well type and chew on my hands at the same time).

Thursday night:
8:30 pm - Bath time: I love bath time, really I do. My Daddy thinks that I accidentally kick my legs to splash him with water, but it is no accident. I know exactly at what angle and velocity I need to throw my leg into the water to achieve maximum splash! I did figure out that tinkling in the water does not achieve hardly any splashing - made a note of that.

8:45 pm - Bed Time: Bed time is great. I hold Momma's hand, she talks to me. I get kisses and I smell good. I'm ready for bed time. I like my own space, it is nice. My big caterpillar friend sleeps with me and keeps me company.

2:00 am - I can't breathe! Holy smokes! I can't breathe - there is stuff coming out my nose and when I try to wipe it away it gets on my eyes! Save me! Scream, scream - I must scream!!! Ah - here comes Momma - what is this? What is she doing? It's gonna get me! Ahhhh! Scream!!! Oh - it's just my snot sucker, that's kind of funny! ha ha! But wait, I am hungry. Where did Momma go? Momma? SCREAM!!! Oh - there she is, oh that's nice. I get a dry diaper. Always a plus. Wait, Momma, come back! SCREAM!!! Ah - there she is again. She looks tired. Maybe she needs to use my snot sucker - that would make her smile! Oh good, time to eat....

**I must have gone back to sleep b/c I don't remember anything until...

7:30 am - DADDY!! Woohoo!! I'm rescued, dry diaper, dry diaper...yeah! Feed me - yummy breakfast!

8:00 am - What is this? Why do they keep putting me on the floor? These things hanging above my head, this is really annoying. I keep pushing them away and they come flying back at me...what in the world?!

8:30 am - Hey! There's Momma! What happened? Now I'm on my tummy - no this won't work. I do not like this - SCREAM!!! Oh - hey! How did that happen, now I there are those stupid things above my head again...

9:00 am - Can someone say diaper change?! Oh good, Momma read my mind. How about some clothes? Let me pick...flowers, I want to wear flowers...NO!! Not stripes, Momma what are you thinking?! Take it off!!! Okay, well - BLAH. Took care of that! Can't very well make me where stripes when I spit up on it. Oh good, I like that onesie better...flowers are good.

9:10 am - Mr. Caterpillar!! Long time no see!!

9:50 am - Whose singing to me? What? Wait? I fell asleep? Why am I getting in the car seat? What's going on? I smell something fishy...and it's not my diaper - yet.

10:20 am - Hey I've been here before. There's a nice lady - oh a screaming baby. This might not be good. I might not like this...oh wait, food. Okay, I'm good.

10:45 am - Woohoo!! No clothes! This is great. Check my diaper, I dare you! Ha ha! Surprise Mrs. Nurse!!

10:50 am - Hello Dr. Sorry - no surprises for you, I gave them all to the nurse.

10:55 am - Daddy! Hey I missed you! What's going on? Look Daddy - no pants! Isn't life great?!

10:56 am - Whoa - Mrs. Nurse! What'cha got there. Hey, you seem nice. Ouch, wait, what...OUCH! AHHHH!! SCREAM!! Ouch!!! DADDY!!!!

11:00 am - Okay, if you don't put my pants on I'll hush - mean Mrs. Nurse.

11:15 am - I might need some more food - that nurse really made me mad.

12:00 pm - Car seat, today the car seat's not so bad...so sleepy....

1:20 pm - Are we there yet? Where are we? Momma?! SCREAM!!! Oh - hey! There are you are! Can I eat?

1:45 pm - JUMP! Woohoo! Funny kid on TV - JuMP! Oh no, stuff in my nose - in my eye - on my hand - YUCK does not taste good. SCREAM!!! Ahhh - I love my snot sucker.

1:47 pm - Momma's on the phone - oh here she comes. Woohoo!! Where we going? Oh no, not this thing again. How many times do I have to lay here and bat these things out of my face. Oh - I wander what the IRS did to Momma. She looks mad. Hmmm...better not scream. I can handle things myself.

2:45 pm - Okay Mr. IRS - I have been laying here forever. Can I have my Momma back? Please? I have some issues she needs to address....

3:00 pm - FINALLY - Hi Momma...what'cha smiling at? Oh - that's kind of a not happy smile. Hey look Momma - I pooped!! Can't you see? I pooped! Hey, why are you carrying me like that - give me a hug! I pooped!!

3:01 pm - I get to take a bath? Now? Really? Where is Daddy? Who will I splash water on?

3:03 pm - Woohoo! Bath Time!! Look at all the bubbles!! Why are you scrubbing so hard, Momma? Hey, don't forget between my toes - I'm talented!!

3:10 pm - Ahh, love my towel - lotion's not so bad either.

3:12 pm - What? You said you needed to do laundry anyway - I just thought I would help!

3:15 pm - Mr Caterpillar! I've missed you!!

(Insert Momma's comment: It's been an interesting day!)

4 month check up:

13 lbs 10 oz (50-75%)
25 inches long (96th %)

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Beccalynn81 said...

How dare you let them shoot up that baby! Poor dear...glad she has her caterpillar back!

Estherofthedesert said...

Haha that is adorable. Elijah use to keep his own blog, until Daddy got tired of typing it up for him.

Poor baby had to go through so much today.