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Monday, March 2, 2009

And we call her Naggy...

You know - when we told our parents we were expecting and the talks started about who would be called what, I totally was not expecting Tessie to want to be called Naggy. Her boys insisted and she smiled and kept informing me that is what she would be called. I have discovered the longer I am in the Hays family, that they named her Naggy because of coarse they think she "nags," but to her defense, she was one woman, living with three men...come on, how else would she get them to do anything?! :)

Our Naggy has been a HUGE blessing to us. We love her dearly and Carli is one lucky little girl. Naggy will definitely not mean "nag" to Carli - Carli will know that her Naggy would do anything for her and I'm sure the same is true for Carli will do anything for her Naggy. I think that Tessie was so excited to have a granddaughter that spoiling her is just what is meant to be!

Tessie has done nothing but help us. She spent a week with us after Carli was born, has helped in getting the nursery set up, writing thank you notes, pictures and tons and tons of things I cannot even begin to name. It is amazing to see our parents transform from parent mode to grandparent mode and Tessie is no exception! She is one awesome "Naggy," in an unconditional loving kind of way, not the wrong kind of nagging way! We love her dearly and are so thankful for the sacrifice of time and money that she has made for us and Carli. If it weren't so late at night and my brain would work better, I could keep going. But in an effort to keep this tribute from rambling, we would like to dedicate this Tuesday's Tribute to our Naggy and thank her with all our hearts for her and all she does for us!

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ginny said...

Tess is the BEST! I'm glad you realize how blessed you are to have her in your family...how blessed Carli is/will be to have her as Naggy.

Naggy said...

The cute pictures of Carli and the very nice things you said about "Naggy" are forcing me to learn to comment on a blog (thanks for the help over the phone, Resa).We had a great time keeping Carli on the weekend and cannot wait to the next visit. It is truly wonderful being THE Naggy!! Love you guys. Naggy

Michael W said...

How about I second that!! She was my my secondary mother growing up! Carli has a great "Naggy" not sure I can call her that though :)