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Monday, September 21, 2009

Carli's Finger

This morning Carli woke me up at 6 a.m. Sweet child of mine. She had slept all night and was ready to tackle the day. We loaded up to go to the pediatrician at 9:15. Of coarse they had to work us in, but they did and Carli did good. With her heavy little cast she weighed 19.2 lbs. Heavy one she is. They made us take off the bandages, and Keith wouldn't let me look at her finger. Carli did fine as long as it was just Keith and I but she knew who the doctor was and was so not happy to see her! Our pedi is awesome - she looked it over and said to hang tight that they were going to try to get us in to see a hand orthopedic surgeon. Carli just played contentedly after the doctor left. I did get a glance at her pinkie - it wasn't pretty.

By 11:15 we were off to see the specialist - we went right in pretty much and he was good. He said that he was really surprised that the Rusk E.R. doc sewed her finger back on and didn't send her to Tyler to have a hand surgeon do it - but that the guy did a really good job. I think he said that like four times. Carli screamed any time anyone looked at her finger but it was a "GET AWAY FROM ME!" cry and not one of pain.

He told us that she would lose the tip of her finger. The good news is that it will probably grow back - the only thing that might not come back is her nail. We can live with that. No surgery, no infection - not too bad. Thank the Lord that her bone was not affected! If it had been we would have been in Dallas scheduling surgeries. So, in a week we will go back and get her stitches out of her finger. At that point, the tip may come off or it may not. He didn't really say what the next coarse of action would be. He just said for now, we would put a cast on her and let nature do it's thing.

So Carli has a pretty awesome purple cast! It is a bit smaller than the club she was sporting earlier. She even uses it more than the other. She took an amazing nap this afternoon and besides being a little clingy the afternoon was good.

We did figure out what #3 on our catastrophe list was - Carli's antibiotic has given her tummy problems and a major horrible diaper rash. I feel so bad for her. Her tummy just cramps up - I think I changed 5 dirty diapers this afternoon alone. She is really fidgety tonite and has woken up three times already. May be a long night...

No pictures tonite - got lots to do - and I wish I was sleeping! Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement. Pls continue to pray for Carli has she still has some major recovery to do!

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