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Monday, September 28, 2009

Pinkie Update

This morning we got up to find a whiny baby with a 101 fever. Great way to start the day. We are praying that this is just related to her teeth - heaven knows if we say that enough, she just might get one! She refused to eat, I got her some Tylenol and she was back asleep within an hour. When she got up the second time, her fever had gone down a bit and she actually played a little, but still she wouldn't eat.

At 11:45 we saw our hand doctor. We were kind of dreading this appt b/c we were afraid they would have to put her in the Papoose thing (straight jacket for babies) in order to do anything with her hand. We were pleasantly surprised that Carli just screamed in protest (not pain) and let them cut the cast off. And then, when the doctor came in, she just yelled at him the whole time while he cut the stitches out. She never screamed like she was in pain. The cute and kind of pitiful thing is, that she was perfectly fine until she looked at her pinkie and then she would start crying. He said we didn't have to cover it up or bandage it that it would be okay - but after having to talk over the frequent crying fits Carli was having every time she saw her pinkie, he bandaged it up like a mitten and told us to do that as needed until she got okay with things.

So, the finger doesn't look as bad as I imagined. It wasn't a perfectly straight cut - rather, it was at an angle. So it went under her nail bed, but then came up so that she still actually has a lot of the pad of her pinkie. It makes sense now why she didn't get any bone and why they are so confident that it will grow back.

He also said that it shouldn't cause her much pain even if she falls on it. It might hurt a little, but she has to go through that in order for it to heal and such - that we can't keep her in a cast the whole time b/c it wouldn't heal really well and would take longer.

We go back in three weeks for him to take a look. Right now, the only unknown is whether or not her nail will grow back.

So, we got home and Carli was asleep so I got her in the bed. Within an hour she was awake and pitiful. So I got her up and tried to get her to eat to no avail. She just wanted to be held. She slept for 2 hrs on my chest - it was hot afternoon for me. She did okay the rest of the evening and Daddy stayed long enough to help us with our first bath without any bandages on the hand. She did just fine as long as she didn't look at it. When she did, she cried. Keith had a softball game at 8:20 and Carli was in bed by 7:45.

No pics tonite...we spent the afternoon snoozing and were in no mood to be photographed. Send up some prayers for our Carli - that she gets use to her little pinkie and that it heals quickly. And that pls, let this fever be related to her teeth and she start eating for us...big party this wkd, can't have our guest of honor ill!

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