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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello E.R.

Well, our Saturday didn't quite go as planned. We are thankful for our family, we are thankful for our little girl and we are ever so thankful that in 11 months, this is the first major catastrophe we have had. Today, Carli made her first trip to the E.R. And when she does booboo, she does it big.

This morning we headed off to Alto. Keith was going to do a little work and Carli and I were going to play with Logan. It was an awesome arrangement from Carli and I's point of view. The morning was great. The kiddos had fun and they played so good together. Logan is learned "Yes, Sir/Ma'am" and "No, Sir/Ma'am" and he is so funny!

We had an awesome lunch cooked by Grammy. It was really, really good. Carli even ate well - she has been on a food does not interest her kick. So I was pleased that meat and veggies were disappearing off her plate. She finished before everyone else and wanted down to play. So we let her down and off she went talking and playing. Mom and Dad were eating at the bar, sitting on stools and keeping an eye on Carli as she walked this way and that. Dad got up to help with something at the table and Carli decided she should take his spot at the bar stool - only the bar stool would have none of that. It tumbled on top of her before Grammy could grab it or Carli. At first we thought we just had a bloody nose. After all, what damage could a lightweight stool inflict - but we were so so wrong. Finally we figured out that Grammy was covered in blood and it was coming from Carli's left pinkie. Uncle Andy took a look and declared we should leave for the E.R.

Yes, I broke the law. Yes, I held my baby close singing in her ear and trying not to cry with her all the way to the E.R. Grammy and Pa were awesome. When we got there, they had called ahead and we were whisked back to the room. It took a long time though for them to determine what to do. Thankfully, no bone was involved. It somehow severed her finger just below the finger nail all the way around. After calling a specialist in Dallas - they determined it just needed to be sewn back on and bandaged up and hope for the finger to heal itself.

Logan was very concerned about Carli and we visited through the reception window a few times to help Carli get her mind off what was happening and well, us too.
Carli really did well. All they gave her was some Tylenol when we got there.

Talking with Logan, Pa and Uncle Andy through the window.

I admit I got really, really frustrated b/c it was taking so long. I called our pedi and got some nurse in Dallas. But props to them as they were very nice and they called the local pedi on call and he in turn talked to the local Tyler orthopedic guy who reassured us that they E.R. was doing all they could. That helped my attitude a little...but still it didn't fix it.

Keith and Pa stayed in the back when they actually started the stitching. I couldn't take it. They had her in a papoose thing where she couldn't move and she screamed the whole time. My heart broke in 100 pieces. It took 30 minutes or so to do 4 stitches. They got it stitched back on and put her little fist in a ball and then gave her a "mini" cast.

We are going to call our pedi first thing Monday and go in to see her. Then hopefully she will get us in the see a pediatric orthopedic something or other so they can double check everything and make sure there isn't anything more that can be done. Also, maybe they will give a more permanent cast so that I don't freak out so much with her attempting to walk.

We got her meds and got home around 8 pm. She did eat and was very happy to see her puppies. Got her a spit bath and to bed in the strangest PJ outfit we could find that would fit over her cast. We had to cut off the onesie she had worn.

Please send up some prayers for our little girl. Nothing hurts worse than not being able to fix what hurts her so badly. Please pray that her little finger will heal and she not be in any pain. We are very thankful that it didn't involve her bone and we are very thankful that she still flashes us a huge smile and gives wet kisses tonite after all she went through. God is good - and we know that He will bless her, no matter the outcome.

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mindy said...

oh no, poor baby!!! i'm so glad she's still smiling. hope she continues to feel better and that y'all get a good report on monday. love and prayers!!

Larissa Smith said...

Wow! Sounds like you had your first mommy heart attack (if you hadn't had one already). I'm glad to hear she seems okay now. On the clothes front, Shaye has some spaghetti strap shirts that are super easy to put on; maybe Carly needs some of those!

EM Eric said...

I can't imagine the feeling. It makes me think of all I put my mother through with all the stitches I got when I was a kid.
We wish her a speedy recovery!
Eric and Yuki