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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Amarillo

We came up to Amarillo to spend Christmas with Naggy and Pappy!

It took a bit of maneuvering to get us here, as we were flying and American cancelled all flights to Amarillo on Christmas Eve. Naggy and Pappy were having none of that - and we flew to Dallas on American from Tyler, then our good buddy Michael came and picked us up with his new fiance Kelly and took us over to Love Field to catch one of the last flights being allowed out that day! Boy were we lucky! Turns out the weather wasn't so hot, but we made it to Amarillo and that's what counts!

We packed some very important things in our luggage, including our caterpillar that Carli sleeps with every night - there are some things you simply make room for!

Christmas Eve was nice and cozy. We got to Amarillo just in time for dinner with everyone and since Carli had slept all of 30 minutes all day - she had some quick bonding time with Uncle Kevin and it was off to bed so Santa could come!

Santa was good to everyone this year. Wouldn't you know that one of Carli's favorite gifts from him was her Mardi Gra beads! :) She also go some books and clothes and Naggy made her a bow hanger for all those bows that we sometimes wear!

Uncle Kevin and Megan got Carli an awesome rocking dinosaur - we call him Yoshi. He will have to join us later in January when we hope that Naggy and Pappy come to visit!

And our favorite activity of the weekend was to crawl on the back of the couch and play on the window that looked into the kitchen!

And the things these Grandparents will let their grandbabies do! Naggy said she refused to let her boys play with her most favorite toy - but look what Carli thought it was for!

Carli and Uncle Kevin had good bonding time all weekend!

Carli helped make Sugar Cookies too!

Christmas wasn't over on Christmas day - nope! Saturday we headed over to celebrate with Pappy's side of the family. Here's a picture of our group...

They had lots of kids on that side of the family so Carli pretty much entertained herself with all their toys! Like this Christmas outfit? We had to change twice a day to get all the outfits in!

Naggy was worried about not having any toys for Carli to play with - but no fear! Carli found things to play with! On of her favorite was the mini wagon that Naggy had for decorations that had stuffed bears in it. Carli quickly took to loading things inside and pulling them around the house.

We had a great time in Amarillo - but are looking forward to heading home to see all our puppies! Carli has done an awesome job sleeping away from home, even taking naps! We pray that our flight tomorrow does not take the 12 hrs it took for us to get up here!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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