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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Projects

This year, Keith and I decided that in an effort to save money and perhaps give our gifts a personal touch we would make some of them.

This sign Keith cut out for me and then I painted the words on it. We gave this one away at the Thanksgiving/Christmas Celebration in November for one of our White Elephant Gifts.

Here is another sign we did. This sign we actually made with the help of my Dad for him to give as a gift to my Mom. He always signs his cards to her "Love you most." So, we took that and made his handwriting into a font at http://www.fontifier.com/ so that her sign would be more personal. We even made it so that it fit her new decor in her remodeled upstairs!

Speaking of Mom's remodeling, she did her whole upstairs late this summer. The biggest thing they tackled was the 70's bathroom, and man, it looks pretty awesome now! She was wanting some floating shelves to go in the bathroom and was having a hard time finding some at the size she needed. So, Keith hooked her up! He made two floating shelves and painted them to match her trim too! I was pretty stinkin' impressed with these for sure! There are no nails, no kidding! And he made them in one afternoon!

I was looking through one of the millions for Christmas catalogs we get, and there was this shirt that said "Mom likes me best." and I thought it was pretty cool. Only they wanted $28 for one! I have two brothers, and we all have a bit of a competitive streak in us - so I made the three of us a version of those shirts! We all agreed that I was indeed the favorite though!

Our biggest project/gift was to our nephew, Logan. My mom found these cool cubbies in a magazine from the Land of Nod. We for sure could not afford them at nearly $200 for one, so we thought we'd give a hand in making them.
First we made sure that Michelle and Andy would definitely want them, and as coincidence had it, she had just looked at them online that day! So, we got the okay and off we went! It took two full Saturday's and lots of red paint, but here was the finished result...

We made a two and three cubbie version and what is pretty cool is that they can sit side by side or stack on one another.

We were pretty pleased with how they turned out and hope that Logan gets lots of use from them too! With all the spare time we had...ha! We did one more sign. This one we made to match Logan's cubbies. I thought the saying was super cute, but had the hardest time getting a picture with no glare. Here is what it says: "Promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think." Christopher Robin to Pooh.

We had lots of fun doing our projects/gifts and it made Christmas pretty cool too!

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