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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day!

Valentine's Day sure is going to be more and more enjoyable as Carli gets older. We made Valentines this year to mail out to some of our favorite ppl (Grandparents & Cousin Logan) - turns out handmade cards are cool, but very time consuming. Keith was a good sport about helping out. Maybe next year Carli will be able to help more!

Carli also got some very special Valentine Cards and Gifts as well. Naggy and Pappy gave her gifts early last week when Naggy was here. She got some really cute clothes and a "Vroom Vroom" (car) full of candy...thankfully she sees the car and the candy as one right now and hasn't asked me to get the candy out! :) Cousin Logan sent her a cute Valentine he made her, she gave it hugs and kisses and pointed out it's little eyes, feet and hair (antennas). She pretty much loved it to death. She got special cards from her Aunt Chelle and Uncle Andy as well as Grammy and Pa that she walks around the house reading to herself.

Here's Carli and Grandma reading her Valentine Card from Grammy and Pa:

Grammy and Pa also gave her a little gift too - think she liked it?

One of the best Vday gifts I got this year was to get to go on a date with Keith. We are natural homebodies...even when we didn't have a kid, we didn't go out much. But to say we hadn't gone to a movie in over two years was a bit pitiful. So when Grammy and Pa called up and offered to come babysit so we could go out, we didn't turn them down. This was the first time I let go of routine and told them how we did Carli's nightly bedtime routine and left. I was so worried Carli wouldn't like something different - but Grammy and Pa handled her like champs (maybe they've done this baby thing before?) and Carli gave them no problems. Pa played baby dolls with her, Grammy cooked her some dinner - they gave her her night time bath, read her book, said her prayer and down she went at 7:10 pm! No kidding and slept all night long! I was so proud of both her and I...I finally am learning to let go! :) Good thing since another one is on the way and we will be needing a bit of help in May!

Keith and I had a great time on our date - dinner, Lowes and a movie...what could be better? The Valentine's Day movie was cute - kind of cheesy but cute. Not a bad choice at all. We had a great time.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Valentine's day as well - here's our 26 week belly shot from this morning...

(Carli was watching CMT - but at least her fingers weren't in her mouth!)

Baby #2 has a name! I am hoping to post about that this week...

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