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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Bird Told Me...

That my blog has been neglected...sorry! :) I've been busy! Naggy has been here all week and having her here has allowed me to really get some work done. I've spent two whole days in Alto working...organizing...cleaning...and still I have more I could have done. But I got a lot done and for that I am grateful.

Tuesday was awesome - we had our second sonogram. Some babies like to hide from the sonogram, some are fast asleep and you get awesome pictures - our baby, well, she moves. She moves the WHOLE time! She moved so much that it was hard to get a good picture b/c she simply would not be still! We literally sit and watched her for 10 minutes trying to get her hand in her mouth and throwing it out when she couldn't. I could feel her punch me every time! And on top of that movement, she turned circles. She started off head down, went cross ways, head up, cross ways...and repeat! She was all over the place! Good news is that despite her 2 vein cord, she is doing great. She has gained 1 lb since our last sono in Dec. She is 1.5 lbs at almost 25 weeks. I had my diabetes test also, and it was gross but I should pass with flying colors...so I hope. And we will go back in March for another check up. Sorry, I got the sono pics all the way to Alto where there is a scanner, and didn't get them scanned...oops, swiss cheese brain!

Then to top off the good news of the morning, I got to have a massage that afternoon AND got to see the chiropractor...awesome day that ended at Olive Garden.

Where you may ask has Carli been in all this - well check back later on b/c she and Naggy have been very busy. I'm pretty sure they both have slept hard every night b/c they are simply exhausted with all the hard playing! I've stolen some of Naggy pictures to post later.

I've enjoyed being able to get my work done and get organized, etc - but I miss my girl. I'm happy with the choices Keith and I have made and I am very blessed to have the job I do so that I can spend my days with Carli and cram in my work whenever I can...even if it is late at night. It is so worth it...to see my girl all day - seeing her for only 1 hr or whatever tonite was not near enough by any means!

And there ya go - I'll post pictures later on!

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