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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Flower Girl, An Uncle and Lots of Fun!

Uncle Kevin married our new Aunt Megan on Saturday in the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth. Carli was the flower girl and though I was not sure if we could convince her to put on her dress, much less walk down alone in front of a crowd of ppl, she proved me wrong and dazzled us all - kind of! :) The dress took a team effort from Naggy and the Maid of Honor, but they got it on her and all was well after Carli had the dress on. Our saving grace for Carli to walk down the "aisle" was that the sun was in her face and she couldn't really see all the people. She ended up holding on the the preacher's wife's hand for the first little bit, and then she saw me, and came over and held my hand for a bit and then she saw Naggy and went the rest of the way alone. She was cute - and really, you can't go wrong with a cute flower girl!

Ava did awesome this weekend also. While she is fondly considered a Momma's girl, she was quite the little socialite. She met lots of family for the first time and got to hang out with new friends...all with out screaming at anyone!

Here we go! Carli was trying to figure out what exactly all these crazy adults wanted her to do!

Ava cuddling with Aunt Carolyn. They just met and hit it off really well!

The Best Man and Flower Girl

Family picture

Naggy bought Carli's baby a new dress for the big occasion.

Our attempt at a shot of both girls.

The Happy Couple

Sweet kisses from our sweet girl.

Ava and her new buddies, Robin and Ginny. She pretty much stayed with them during the whole rehearsal...

Carli came by to hold Ava's hand for a bit.

Carli stealing some cookies for her cousin, Bella, and herself of coarse. She loved taking one bite and trying to go back for another.

We got Uncle Kevin married off in a beautiful ceremony and had a relaxing weekend to top it all off! I was quite relieved that Carli was cooperative and that Ava was social.

Next...Cousin Dionna gets married on Nov 20!

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