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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blowing Bubbles

Last Sunday was a big day for Little Ava Ruth. Carli woke up not feeling well and Keith had already committed to serving communion. So Keith needed to be at church and Carli needed to be at home with someone who could give her 100% attention and cuddle time. So, for the first time, Keith loaded up Ava and off they went to church by themselves. Some folks may not think that is a big deal, but if you've met little Ava you know how much of a Momma's girl she is and that she refuses a bottle much of the time. But we knew all would be well b/c Ms. Patty was going to be in the nursery after taking some time off to recover from her surgery.

We usually don't take the girls to the nursery during service but Sunday Ava got to spend all morning with Ms. Patty in the nursery since her Daddy was helping with church service. She did awesome, even took a nap for Ms Patty! Ava is the only baby right now, but no worries there are more babies coming next year and her new little buddy Levi was born just last month so she won't be alone much longer. But since she is the only one there right now, Ms Patty took her to the 1 year old class and then sent me this picture...

Isn't she such a big girl?!

She did an amazing job on Sunday and when Carli and I met them all for lunch she even let Daddy finish feeding her her solids before demanding to come see me! Woohoo! She's branching out!

Keith said when he picked her up at the nursery she was blowing bubbles and making the motor boat sound...and she continued to do so the rest of the day. Wander what the lesson was about in Sunday School...hmmmm. We actually were on top of things and caught it on video. Love how she puffs out her cheeks!

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