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Sunday, December 5, 2010

We Have A Christmas Tree!

Last year we did not put a tree up. Carli was a mobile, curious little thing and putting up a tree when we would not be home much of time didn't seem reasonable. However, this year Carli is old enough to enjoy the Christmas festivities and we will be home much of the month of December. After much contemplation about whether we could keep her from pulling ornaments off, etc, we decided a broken ornament wouldn't be the end of the world and hauled out the tree!

It was late when we started and Ava already went to bed. We let Carli stay up longer and she helped us set up the tree and put the lights up...

You know you have a toddler when the box is more fun than the intended activity!

Helping put the lights on...

Every year, Grammy has given the grandkid's a Christmas ornament. Bet you won't ever guess what Carli's ornament was this year! Mickey and Minnie Mouse! She was very excited to put them on her tree!

Her ornament from last year, a jack-n-the-box, has been her most favorite to play with so far...

After Carli helped put a few ornaments on the tree, it was off to bed. Keith and I finished up the decorating and made sure we turned the lights on the tree before we brought Carli out of her room the next morning...

She quickly found her favorite ornament!
(Pretty sure if we hadn't put Mickey and Minnie up higher, she would play with them all the time too! But she already managed to break one of their hands! So, they stay at a safe distance!)

Ava is not so fascinated with lights, but what she thinks is super cool - the over sized Christmas ornaments than hang from the beams at Grammy's house! ha!

It is pretty exciting to admit that we will have a Christmas at our house this year. We've already gotten most of the gifts bought (thanks to the help of Uncle Danny's pick up and delivery service!) and now I just have to get them wrapped!

Yep, this year is going to be lots of fun!

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