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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas at the Gaylord Texan

Last weekend we headed out to meet up with Naggy and Pappy, and Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan at the Gaylord Texan. We only stayed three nights, but pretty sure if you looked at our car you would have thought we were staying over a week! Ah, the life with two small children! And to add to that life, forgetfulness. We made it all the way to the Gaylord before we realized the camera was not with us but was on the back of the couch. Bummer. :( We took lots of pictures on Naggy's camera but apparently the settings were messed up and the resolution is so high we can't the pictures off the camera!!

We did have so much fun though. Carli LOVED the elevators. The Gaylord was beautiful. There were tons of lights, trees and even Santa! The biggest exhibit was the ICE exhibit that depicted Charlie Brown's Christmas story. Carli wasn't so sure - I think she liked the exhibit but she did not appreciate looking and waddling around like a little penguin! She had on a sweat shirt, her jacket and a parka...she was a cute little penguin! They kept the ICE exhibit room at 17 degrees - a bit cold! Ava slept through most of the exhibit on Pappy's chest. Her little head popped up as we were about to leave. Got some cute pictures of her and Pappy - maybe one day you all will get to see those! :)

One of Carli's other favorite activities was decorating a ginger bread house. She and Aunt Megan worked for a good 20 minutes on their gingerbread house and Carli was so proud. We brought it home with us and we just had to take it to Grammy's house yesterday to show her. She showed it to everyone who came by and decided it needed to stay at Grammy's so she could show it to Logan when he came on Sunday!

Ava was not a good little sleeper on this trip. Turns out she had an ear infection and wasn't feeling so good. She took lots of naps on shoulders and after Momma had been up most of the night - Naggy took over at 2 am and kept her so I could at least get a little sleep! Ava still isn't 100% but we have some meds now and sure hope she is a chipper little thing by Saturday!

We did go visit Santa while we were there. Last year Carli started screaming when she looked at Santa! This year we talked about Santa the whole time we were in line. We have been watching a Mickey Mouse that has Santa in it and Carli talked about it a lot. But when it was our turn, Carli would not go see him. To his credit, the Santa was awesome. He talked to Ava and let her pull his beard and got her to smile more than once. Carli was not so easily entertained and I had to sit in on the picture. I was not planning on being in a picture after having been up most of the night! Oh well, memories! :)

Hopefully we will get more pictures posted soon. I can't believe Christmas is in three days! AHHH! I haven't wrapped any presents and have a few to finish! Oh were does the time go?

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