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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pre-Wedding Festivities

Dionna's wedding was the Saturday before Thanksgiving out near Lake Conroe. We stayed at some really awesome condos right off the lake. They were perfect! Plenty of room for us all (we even shared with Grammy and Pa!) and an awesome view too!

Carli and Ava really enjoyed the patio which literally hung over the lake. Carli fed the ducks, quacked at them and had a blast!

Ava was happy to be outside!

I wanted to take the opportunity to take Carli to some cool place while we were down near Houston. There was a children's museum in The Woodlands and I had read some really cool things about it. So Grammy, Keith, Carli, Ava and I all loaded up Saturday morning and went to check it out. The place was a toddler's dream! Carli had so much fun!

Playing with all the sand! She would have stayed here forever had we not pointed out all the other centers.

Ava really enjoyed the rubber mulch box (kind of like sand box with rubber mulch)

There were two thrones - we thought it would be really cool to get a picture of the girls sitting in each together - but Carli did not have time to sit still long enough for a picture.

They had a toddler size kitchen - Carli LOVED it! She made me some lunch...

After "lunch," she went grocery shopping in the miniature store...

Grammy and Ava were buddies at the museum - Ava thought the puppet show was pretty interesting.

Ava and Daddy watching Carli at the water center...

The water center was Carli's most favorite I think...she would have stayed here forever had we let her!

We actually made a clean exit with no fits or tears - turns out Carli got her sleeves wet and we told her we had to go to the car to dry off. Thank goodness for short attention spans...by the time we got to the car, she was more concerned about all the big trucks on the road! ha!

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