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Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas at Grammy & Pa's

Our final Christmas celebration was Sunday afternoon at Grammy and Pa's. We started the day out going to church in Jacksonville. Carli and Ava did awesome. We walked right in, took them to class and left. Usually Grammy stays with them, but they stayed without any of us and did a good job! Their teacher was awesome! She handled my two and two others all by herself and Carli came out of class telling me about Baby Jesus! :) Awesome start to an awesome day!

One attempted shot of the kids...
At least one of them looks happy!

Oops, spoke too soon!
Carli was a good big sister and stuffed Ava's paci in her mouth!
Goofy Carli!

Carli opening her ornament from Aunt Chelle.
Aunt Chelle has given her a new ornament every Christmas -
And best of all she has made them all!
Ava got her first ornament this year too.

Carli got a new baby doll that she can take into the bathtub.
For this Ava is extremely thankful as Carli has been trying to "bathe" Ava and doesn't understand why Ava doesn't want to be "dunked!"

Aunt Chelle and Uncle Andy gave the girls both new bow holders!

Ava fell asleep in Grammy's lap - but I think Grammy liked our gift:
"The Dog Ate My Lesson Plans..." Sign

Never thought I'd see the day when Grandma voluntarily held a dog!

Carli helping Pa open his calender

Ava woke up in an awesome mood!

These two are hilarious.

The sign we made for Aunt Chelle.
I just thought the saying was neat...

Uncle Tone and his hat with his gift on the front of it...
Tons of Audio books!

Carli maybe a little girl but she and her Logan wrestle with the best of them!!

We had an amazing Christmas this year. The best gift I got was that my Mom turned my blog into a book! I was so very happy and excited. I have not done well at writing in the baby books, but I started this blog with the intention of keeping grandparents up to date as well as to have a written memory of how our girls are growing... It was the best gift! She gave me Feb 2008-Feb 2009...and for that gift, I am especially thankful!

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