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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sick - but Maybe Not!

Last week was a whirlwind for us. I had to work in Alto three days in a row, and was in meetings with folks who flew in from out of state so the girls couldn't really spend the day with me as they usually do. So, we though ahead and recruited Aunt Betty and Aunt Carolyn to help us out two days and sweet talked Cari into spending all day with us on Wednesday! All in all, the girls did really well and our babysitters survived too! Ava refused a bottle all three days, but God bless the patience of those who took care of her! They used a straw and even spoon fed her a whole bottle! :) She was happy and that's what counts!

In between all the chaos, Carli had a cold the first part of the week and graciously shared it with her sister the last half. It was just a snotty nose and nothing to worry about. Carli was doing much better by Thursday just as Ava's nose started running like a fountain but they were both happy and good to go. Saturday morning came and Carli was a bit sluggish, but didn't give any other sign that she may not feel well until midday when I came into the living room and here she sat...

Yes, she sweet talked her Daddy into getting her pillow, paci and blanket from her bed and there she lay on the couch watching Minnie Mouse nursing a high fever. Poor baby. To top it off, she is a horrible medicine taker, so after failing to get her to drink her juice where we hid the medicine we gave in and it took both Keith and I to get some ibuprofen down her to bring her fever down. It was a long night.

Sunday morning came and she seemed a lot better. She didn't have a fever, but we didn't let her go to church b/c we weren't sure what may have caused her fever. So Ava and her Daddy went off to church and Carli and I stayed home. She was fine. We made cookies, had our own little Bible Class and decided we were okay to meet Daddy and Ava for lunch. She was good the rest of the afternoon too...then at 2 am that morning Keith woke me up saying Carli had fever again and he needed help to give her medicine. Weird. Monday morning - she was fine again.

I decided to go ahead and try to get her into the pedi and as an afterthought asked for an appt for Ava too, since we would be there, wouldn't hurt! And off we went at 11 this morning...fever free and a little snotty...

Well, poor Carli was subjected to a flu and strep test which both came back negative and her ears were clear. Nothing was wrong that could explain the fever. Had her fever not been so high we could have attributed it to teething. The pedi told us that perhaps it was a virus and if she still had a fever by Thursday to come back. *sigh*

Then sweet little Ava cooed and gurgled and grinned through her little exam. She is 17.5 lbs! And she has an ear infection! Really? Sheeze. No fever, happy baby, and she got an antibiotic. Carli walked out with no meds.

Carli woke up from her nap Monday afternoon with a fever and her cough has gotten pretty nasty. blah. Here's to hoping the fever will go away so we won't have to suffer through blood work at the end of the week!

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