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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Blessed Weekend

November sure seems to be flying by fast!  I can't remember the last time we spent a full Saturday at home but that is okay.  It isn't like we have been forced to be away from home.  We have had the awesome blessing of spending time with people we love and helping them out.  That makes for some pretty awesome weekend...maybe a little tiring but worth it!  :)

This past weekend was a good one.  We got to celebrate some amazing people in our lives, even if we weren't able to spend the day with them.  Saturday was Pappy's birthday.  Ava insisted on calling Pappy on Friday night to let him know that we had bought him a new chair for his birthday.  :)  We have had two dining room chairs at our kitchen table since July.  The girls have their own toddler chairs.  We finally bought the other two chairs so that when people come over the visit we don't have to drag out the folding chairs for us all to eat at the table together.  The girls quickly decided that one chair was Naggy's and one was Pappy's and they just had to let him know!  We were gone from home all day Saturday so we didn't get to call Pappy on his actual birthday but the girls made it worth the wait when we called him on Sunday afternoon and the talked for almost 10 minutes without much help from us!  We are very blessed and proud to call Pappy ours!

At the beginning of the month, Uncle Tone finally heard that he had passed the Bar on his first try.  We were all so excited and proud of him.  He has been blessed with a good opportunity to work in Rusk.  We are all very happy to have him back so close to home after he has been well over a six hour drive from home for the last seven years!  He was sworn in on the 7th at the Cherokee County Court House and then on Monday, the 12th, he was sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Austin.  Pretty awesome!

Saturday we all loaded up and went to Alto/Rusk to help out with various tasks for the day.  I spent the day with Uncle Tone in his new office painting and getting it nice and dignified.  :)  Keith worked on computers and Internet stuff at Grammy and Pa's house and the girls pretty much ate up most of Grammy's attention.  Carli asked Grammy at the end of the day if she could come back and spend the next day with her again.  I think they had a good time! 
Anthony and I started painting at ten and we finished about 8 that night.  Not too shabby and the office looks much better.  Anthony was in charge of rolling and I was in charge of trim and cutting in.  He told me more than once to be careful with the desk b/c it was a little shaky...this heed of caution coming from the educated lawyer painting while standing on the top of a filing cabinet, despite the two available ladders in the room.  :)  The desk later met its demise when someone, who shall remain nameless, decided to stand on the desk as well in an effort to reach an air vent...hmmmm....
I really enjoyed my day with my little brother.  It had been too long.  
Sunday was my Grandma's 85th birthday.  Oh how we love our Grandma!!  We called her Sunday and the girls each told her Happy Birthday and that they loved and missed her a lot.  Can't wait to get to see her again this week and over Thanksgiving!  
With the weather not being hot, but cool the girls are loving playing outside every afternoon.  They are getting good use out of their playset and most days play really well together.  I love hearing their conversations, I don't understand half of what they are saying but the endless giggles and even the occasional skirmish is music to any Momma's ears.
And one last picture before we end this rather long post...my children have inherited their mother's sweet tooth.  We get it honest - Grammy's favorite breakfast is a chocolate chip cookie and banana.  :)  So when it got a bit chilly outside and we needed a break from playing, the girls and I made some no bake cookies for the sheer pleasure of being able to lick the bowl.  It is so yummy...and we may have left a little extra chocolate in the bowl so we would have more the lick.  :)

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