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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

We spent Thanksgiving day in Alto with Grammy & Pa.  It was an "off" year so most of our extended family were spending the day with their other families so we had a small crowd.  The girls enjoyed getting to help in the kitchen, spending lots of time with Grandma and playing with Uncle Tone's girlfriend, Danielle.  We had a great day, with some really yummy food that Grammy cooked up.  Sometimes small and simple makes for a great day!
Grammy did most of the cooking for the big meal, and I was on clean up duty.  At one point, I was kicked out b/c too many helpers can really be a hindrance.  So while the girls helped Grammy with the sweet potato casserole and cherry pie, I took a break!

We were so happy that Uncle Danny brought Grandma to Thanksgiving.  Grandma was in Conroe with Aunt Betty but came up to spend the weekend in Alto.  Have I ever mentioned what a special relationship Carli and Grandma have?  They snuggled, played the iPhone and read books.

Ava got in on some Grandma loving too.  Ava won't sit still long enough to cuddle though.  It could have been that she really needed to take a nap but stayed moving most of the day so she would not accidentally fall asleep!

Ava even convinced Pa to share his iPhone so she could play a game.

We got to meet Uncle Tone's girlfriend, Danielle.  The girls were a bit shy at first but they warmed up quickly when they convinced Danielle and Uncle Tone to play outside with them.  Later Danielle played the piano and the girls enjoyed attempting to help her.  I was amazed that Danielle could continue to the play the song even with her little helpers throwing in random high and low notes!

We headed home about 7:30 to meet Naggy and Pappy at the house.  We weren't in the car two minutes and Ava was out.  She slept all the way home and didn't even wake up when we put her pj's on.  We had a great Thanksgiving Day.  Thanks to Grammy for the wonderful food and to Pa, Uncle Danny, Grandma, Uncle Tone & Danielle for the great company!

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