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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Playing with Cousin Weston

My cousin Dionna, her little boy, Weston and her parents came to East Texas last weekend.  We made plans to meet up in Canton for a day of shopping.  Don't laugh, I did plan a shopping trip, I just didn't buy anything.  :)  Canton was crazy!  There were so many ppl there that the cell phone towers weren't working!  Made connecting at Caton a bit interesting but we got it done.  I have an amazing husband who decided spending a day with his girls was worth the pain of going to Canton.  Without him, I am not sure either Dionna nor I could have really even talked!  Yeah, my husband is awesome.  :)  He said he would never go back though.  Ha! 

The night before we told Carli that she was going to get to spend the day shopping with Cousin Dionna and Baby Weston.  She responded, "YEAH!  Momma, what is shopping?"  Keith was so proud.  :) 

The girls did amazing.  They minded and wanted so badly to just play with Weston.  I am pretty sure that lunch was their favorite part of the day b/c we actually quit moving so they could hold Weston and play with him!

Carli was trying hard to get Weston to understand how to play the iPhone!

We had instructions to look for a rug for Grammy.  There were lots of rugs, but not anything that Grammy would LOVE.  Carli was convinced that Grammy would LOVE this shaggy orange rug and insisted on me taking a picture and sending it to Grammy just in case!

The girls insisted on helping with Weston.  They wanted to push the stroller.  They wanted to help feed him.  They wanted to hold him.  They wanted to walk by the stroller and hold his hand.  It all was a bit difficult given all the ppl but we made it work and the kiddos were happy.  So we can't really complain!!

On Monday, Dionna had scored some free tickets to the water park at Lake Palestine so we packed a lunch and went to spend the day with them.  Dionna had sat through this long information session at the timeshare to get the free tickets and told at least four ppl she was planning to use them on Monday.  Not one of them told her the park was closed on Mondays!  We were all disappointed but the kids had a blast anyway and we got some good visiting time in.
We took the kids to a little playground down the road from the cabin and the girls wore themselves out while Weston explored the dirt.  :)

It was great to get to spend some time with Dionna and family.  We missed seeing Ron but he was working hard at home finishing up a project so he could start another.  Next year Keith said he would watch the girls at home alone before he goes back to Caton...I could deal with that!  When our friends asked Carli what she did last weekend, she tells them:  We went to a really really big garage sale.  Pretty much.

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