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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year, I knew we would be in Alto.  I also knew I had to go to work in Alto b/c I had missed work on Friday and had a lot of catching up today!  Typically, the girls and I spend Wednesdays in Alto and then go to church in Jacksonville with Grammy and Pa.  This gives Keith a nice block of quiet time to cram in his school work and saves a lot of driving for me too.  An added benefit is that the girls get to go to class with their cousin Logan and their Aunt Chelle and Grammy are their Bible class teachers.  That's just pretty special.  :)

So, Tuesday night Keith and I asked Carli what she would like to do for Halloween.  We told her she could go to Trunk R Treat or she could go to Bible Class.  She quickly responded with, "I want to go to Bible class, and I want to see Maecey."  I was a bit proud.  :)  Granted Maecey had a lot to do with Carli's decision but any time a four year old picks going to Bible class over getting lots of candy, I consider it a win in the parenting book.  :)

Although we did not go to Trunk R Treat, we were not lacking for Halloween treats!  We got to the office in Alto and Becky had fixed up two Halloween baskets for the girls.  They were so excited.  Not only did they get some candy but they also got some blue glow in the dark hair and new flash lights.  It entertained them a good part of the day!

Then Grammy stopped by with some Halloween balloons and giant pencils.  The girls were pretty giddy about their animal print balloons!

Before we left the house Wednesday morning, Carli and Ava both colored a paper sack and filled it up with some of their candy from school and the fall festival.  Carli's sack was for Maecey but Ava had not decided who she would give her sack to.  At the end of the day she decided that she would give it to Becky.  It was pretty sweet.  Becky has a very special place in the hearts of my girls!

After work we went to Grammy's and ate a quick supper, grabbed some bathes and got ready for church.  Carli saw Maecey outside the church bldg and gave her the bag of treats.  But then it was time for Bible class so off they went.  After class, everyone comes back to the auditorium for a little devo.  The last few weeks Carli has been a big girl and she goes to sit with Maecey which is great b/c she actually sits still, looks up the songs in the song book and acts like she is listening to the speaker.  :)  It's so nice when peer pressure is positive!  Ava has wanted to go sit with Maecey too but I hesitated to put another adult in charge of both my kiddos.  This week, Maecey sat with her Mom so I made sure it was okay for Ava to join them.  Ava was thrilled to be a big girl too!  Both girls did great during the 15 minute devo.  Maecey has been an awesome, unexpected blessing on both my girls! 

After service, all the ladies had goodies for the kids, so we still are not lacking in the candy department at our house!  I would have to say that though this was not a "traditional Halloween" it was one that was blessed!

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